24 February 2011


Had a great holiday for almost one month ! Visited most of Italy, and places in Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and Canary Island.

Running wise, I think I did enough to minimize significant fitness erosion.Only ran once in the first week, but then managed to run a bit more in the second and third week when we were on a cruise ship. Ran on treadmills whilst at sea, and ran on land when the ship docked. Since we went on sightseeing during the docking, I mostly ran around the port and waterfront area  before the ship sailed again. To keep some fitness going, I did a couple of long runs (20k, 26k) in those 4 weeks and ran a speedier session once every week.

After 27 days of holiday, I began to get sick of eating pastas and drinking wine and chiantis. Going back to Singapore this Friday !

Week of 31 Jan:
6 days on NO RUN
4 Feb Parc Sempione Milan, 3k up, 7k tempo av 4:07 min/km, 2k down. Total 12k in 55mins (av 4:35)
Total 12k for the week

Week of 7 Feb:
7 Feb MSC Splendida cruise ship jogging track, 8k in 40mins (av 5:00)
8 Feb ship's treadmill, 16k in 82mins (av 5.08)
10 Feb ship's treadmill 12k in 61mins (av 5.08)
12 Feb Madeira Island, Portugal, Mona fartlek (5.08k), total 7k in 30mins (av 4:15)
13 Feb ship's treadmill, 7k in 40mins (av 5:40)
2 days of NO RUN
Total 50k for the week

 Week of 14 Feb
14 Feb Costa del Sol Malaga, Spain 5k ez + 3*1500m in 6.00, 5.50, 5.30. Total 10k (av 4:24)
15 Feb ship's treadmill 8k in 42mins (av 5:20)
16 Feb Chivitavecchia, Italy, 20k brisk long run in 87mins (av 4:22)
18 Feb Villa Borghese, Rome, 6k in 30mins (av 5:00)
20 Feb Sorrento, Bay of Naples, 11k in 50mins (av 4:36), last 3k at MP mostly uphill
2 days of NO RUN
Total 55k for the week

Week of 21 Feb
23 Feb Villa Borghese, Rome, 26k long run in 2h03m (av 4.45), undulanting
24 Feb Route > Pincio Hill, Piazza del Popolo, Via de corso, Piaza Venezia, Il Vittoriano, Roman Forum, Colleseum, Imperial Fiori, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, total 10k (av 5.05)
27 Feb Singapore ??km
Total ??k for the week