28 August 2012

Lil' Update

Completed my Base Building phase this week and will move to Marathon Training Phase, 13 weeks out from Osaka Marathon.

Generally, I am feeling ok with the how the training went over the last month or so. After 2 months of inactivity where my body weight balooned by 10%, I've done 78, 65, 81, 67, 85, 82, and 106 kms, for an average of 80km per week. Training compositions were mostly easy runs, with some intensity being sprinkled here and there.

The plan is to average around 95-100km for the next 10 weeks before a 3-week taper. Hopefully, this will be achievable.

Anyway, here is my training from last couple of weeks:

Week of 13-19 Aug
Mon – OFF. But did 30mins elliptical + weights in the gym
Tue – am 10k easy around the river (5.07), pm 5k very easy on treadmill (5.45)
Wed - 13km at the Canal, including 6*1k intervals (av 3.50 per rep)
Thur – 15km easy along the river & Padang grass (5.05)
Fri - 9km easy in Labrador Park (av 5.23)
Sat - 22km medium long run around Tanglin, incl fartlek (av 4.55)
Sun – 8km easy around the river (5.20)
Total 82km for the week

Week of 20-26 Aug
Mon – 30km long run around Botanic/Tanglin (5.05)
Tue - OFF
Wed - 13km easy along the river & Padang grass (av 4.55)
Thu – 12km at the Canal, incl 6k tempo (4.02)
Fri – 8k very easy on treadmill (5.30)
Sat – 11km easy along the river & Padang grass (4.53)
Sun – 25km to Gardens by the Bay/Kallang and back, including 10miles at 90% MP (av 4.48)
Total 106km for the week

12 August 2012


Spent the last 3 weeks building up mileage and workouts….

In general, training quality was slightly on the mediocre side. Energy levels were fluctuating and on some days, I just found it difficult to get up and run.

After foolishly super-sized myself during the off-season with a 8kg weight gain (overweight BMI zone), I had dropped 3.5kg in 4 weeks. Hence, I still have about 5kg to lose to get back to a more normal weight (or another 8kg if I want to have a runner’s weight).

Also had calf strain issues (soleus) which hampered the training. The good thing is that the pain started to dissipate after a couple of weeks thanks to a combo of anti-inflamatories and ‘the stick (to massage the calf)’. Dumping my lightweight shoes for a more cushioned, stability type also helped to resolve the issue.

The plan is to spend the next 3 weeks ramping up the training before starting Pfitz 12-weeks plan.

15 weeks to go. Hopefully we’ll see an improvement in fitness and workouts minus the pounds.

Week of 23-28 July
Mon - AM 13km(av 4.40) with 4 miles tempo (4.05); PM 5km easy (av 5.48)
Tue - 8km easy (no watch) + weights
Wed - 15km easy (av 5.03 min/km)
Thur - 9km easy (av 5.07) with 6*30secs hills
Fri - 8km easy (av 5.10)
Sat - 23km long run (av 4.57)
Sun - off
Total 81km for the week

Week of 29 Jul – 5 Aug
Mon - 10km easy (av 5:24) – calf strain
Tue - OFF. 30mins elliptical + weights
Wed - 10km easy (av 5.08)
Thu – 11km easy (av 4.58)
Fri – 10km with light fartlek (av 4.45)
Sat – off
Sun – 26km long run (av 4.50)
Total 67km for the week

Week of 6–12 Aug
Mon – 6km easy (av 5.14)
Tue – 12km incl 15mins @ 4.07, 10mins @ 4.04, 5mins @ 3.56
Wed – 9km easy (av 5.15)
Thu – 24km easy (av 5.05)
Fri – off
Sat – 12k easy (av 5.02) with 7*50secs hills
Sun – 22km (av 4.45) with 8miles progression (2miles @ 4.37, 4.27, 4.17, 4.07)
Total 85km for the week