06 November 2012


Too depressed to write any blog posts….

About 7 weeks out when I first had the shin splint/MTSS issues, I was still feeling optimistic. Perhaps 2-3 weeks of very light weeks would help me to recover and allow me to do some training for the last 4 weeks or so.

7 weeks became 6 weeks remaining, then 5 weeks remaining…and before I know it’s just 2 weeks to go before we go to Japan.

Have been averaging around 30 kmpw in last 5 weeks, with longest run being 20km.

Tried various things: physio visits, Vitamin I (ibuprofen), 4 sets of new shoes, 3 different shin sleeves, shoe insoles, taping etc…all to no avail.

Plan is to do Osaka Marathon as a glorified, long training run (ie a downgrade from sub-3 goal to a sub-4 survival mission). Not planning to do any more training, because I need to start recovery process now in order to have any chance of running Seoul in March.

On the positive side, looking forward to a cool temperature run, as well as 2 weeks of great holiday and eating marathon in Japan :)