25 August 2013


Havent posted for a while.

Not much running since GC half….Straight after holiday, I devised a plan to lose a few kilos in the hope to improve my running. My weight ballooned to 71kg and I was feeling 'meh' with my race performances.

I decided to eat heathly. Changes made were:
  • 1/3 of main meals (out of 14 lunch/dinner weekly) are vegetari
  • More wholegrain (brown rice/bread/pasta). No more white stuffs (white rice/bread) unless eating out
  •  Soy milk instead of cow milk
  •   Smaller meat portions
  •  Drinking natural remedies such as lemon water, apple cider vinegar, green teas

After a month, I’ve dropped my weight by 4kg to roughly 67kg +.

Didn’t run much during the period of weight loss because I was feeling sluggish and lacking of energy.

My weight has now stabilized for 2 weeks and I think I am ready to re-kick start my training again. Hopefully, with increased mileage, I can lose another couple more kgs

Week of 18-24 August

Sun, 6.30am
24km long run incl 2 x 7km tempo
28:48, 4mins rest, 28:40
av pace &HR: 4.07/169, 4.06/177
Tough workout for my current fitness level
Route: home to Gardens by the Bay to Tanjung Rhu and back
Weight: 67.4kg


Tues, 6.30am
Track workout 6 x 800m (total 9km)
2:55, 2:54, 2:57, 2:56, 2:55, 2:49 (200 jog)
HR reached  187 bpm last rep
Good workout, pushed hard in the last 400 (81s)
Weather: 27c, 82% rh (32c real feel)

Wed, 6.30am
9km very easy (av  pace5.40)
Weather: 27c, 88% rh (34c real feel)
Weight: 67.3kg

Thu, 4.pm
7km easy (av  pace 5.18),
On grass

Fri, 6.30am
9km easy (av  pace 5.18), with 4 x 30secs hill reps
Weather: 27c, 86% rh (31c real feel)
Weight: 66.8kg

Sat, 6.30am
25km long run with tempo
4k wu, 2*1k (3.55), 10k MP (4.15), 2*1k (3.55), 6k cd
HR averaged 170 during thr 10k MP
Weather: 27c, 86% rh (31c real feel)
Weight: 67.3kg (post run sub 65 due to dehydration)