18 June 2012

Nothin' interestin'

A belated blog entry.

Haven’t been training well since the marathon. Had pain and niggles here and there: hamstring, ITB, tibialis tendon etc. In terms of mileage, I averaged about 50k a week, with very little quality sessions.

Went to London for work last week. After 13 hours flight, I jumped straight into a local 10k race in Heathrow area and ran miserably. Finished just over 40mins, which disappointingly was slower than my 10k times in hot and humid Singapore. The legs felt numb and the body was not primed to race, possibly due to jet lag and dehydration (too much wine and only drank limited water during the 13 hour flight).

Didn’t run much in London because of work and too much alcohol in the pubs watching the Euro football championships every night. Had a great run in the scenic Hyde Park once, but other than that, rest of the runs were 30-40mins jog pounding the concrete along the Thames.

My original plan was to race a 5k on the Saturday, but decided to fly back to Singapore on Friday night so I can spend Fathers Day at home.

So, what’s next? Assuming that I run Osaka marathon in late November, I will start the Pfitz 18-week program in mid-July. This means I have about a month from now before starting the training cycle. Probably will do easy training for the next 1 month to freshen the system to get ready for the task ahead.

Congrats to Craig for a big marathon PB in 2h50m !!