09 July 2011

July Update

After taking two weeks off after Perth in order to rest the injured tendon, July was all about re-booting and getting back to fitness.

It's hard to say if my leg pain is completely gone, since my mileage is not that high at the moment and my workouts haven't really started. But so far, my legs hold up pretty well after each run. I always ice my leg after every run and have shifted some of the runs into a small grass cricket field. I haven't touched ibuprofen and voltaren for a month now.

In last four weeks, I have built my mileage gradually from 40k to 50k to 72k and 50k this week, while longest run was up to 2 hours (24k). Actually plan to do 28k this weekend, but unfortunately my son came down with fever and cold, hence also reason for low mileage this week.

10 weeks to go to Melbourne now. Not much time left!

Week 1 of July
Sun: 8k run (5.10)
Mon: 1 hour arc trainer
Tue: 8k run incl strides (5.00)
Wed: 1 hour arc trainer
Thu: AM 10k run (4.45), with 25mins @ 4.30; PM 40mins arc trainer
Fri: 1 hour arc trainer
Sat: 14k run (4:55)

Total 40k of running in 3h20m + 3h40m of arc trainer = 7 hours of aerobic exercise

Week 2 of July

Mon: 8k grass fartlek run (4.53) incl 10*1 min on/off + 20mins bike + 50mins arc trainer
Tue: 6k run (5.15)
Wed: 11k run (4.45) incl 4 x 4mins LT (~3.58), 90secs rec + 40mins arc trainer
Thu: 60mins arc trainer
Fri: 7k grass run (5.10), 10mins bike
Sat: 18k run (4:55)

Total 50k of running in 4h+ 3h of arc trainer = 7 hours of aerobic exercise

Week 3 of July

Mon: 10k grass fartlek run (4.56) incl 6*90 secs (~3.40s pace) with 2mins rec + 40mins arc trainer
Tue: 6.5k easy (5.24)
Wed: 12k run (4.52) incl 2*10mins LT on grass (4.05-4.10 pace), 2mins walk rec + 60mins arc trainer
Thu: 7.5k easy (5.26)
Fri: 12k treadmill (5.15)
Sat: off
Sun: 24k long run (4.58)

Total 72k of running in 6h5m+ 1h40m of arc trainer = 7h45m hours of aerobic exercise

Week 4 of July
Mon: 6k treadmill (5.45)

Tue: 8k grass with 6 strides (5.12) + 20mins bike
Wed: 15k fartlek (av 4.50) incl 3*6mins @ 4.00 (90secs jog), 3*1min @ 3.35 (60secs jog), 2*2min @ 3.50 (60secs jog)
Thu: off - travel to Jakarta
Fri: 7k with drills/strides (5.22)
Sat: 14k tempo (av 4.26) - Matt was sich so no long run
Sun: off
Total 50k of running in 4h10m + 20mins bike = 4h30m aeroboc exercise