28 January 2012

Week 5 of 12

Week 5 of 12, 55-70 miles modified program

Pfitz program: 11, 24, 8, 16 (4miles tempo), 11, 27 = 97 km
Actual: 0, 24, 9, 18, 10, 30 = 91 km

A recovery week according to Pfitz, but his schedules still calls for 97 km (or 60 miles) this week ! Missed one session of easy run due to travelling, so I am quite pleased with doing 90k.

Modified a couple of workouts: on Tuesday I incorporated the tempo session into the medium long run and ran slighly more tempo work (2 x 5k as compared to 4 miles secheduled); and on Saturday, did a few kms at MP at the end of my long run. Weather has been great this week, windy which made conditions a bit cooler.

Last 5 weeks mileage have been 89, 88, 98, 105, and 91 for an average of 94 km. Missed a couple of runs (and cut short a few kms in some runs) here and there, but nailed most of the key workouts. The next 4 weeks will be challenging with about 110-115 km (70 miles) scheduled in every single week ! (gulp). Hopefully I can survive this heavy training block for the next one month and still alive to do taper.

Mon 23-01-12
OFF, travelling

Tue 24-01-12
24 km medium long run with tempo in 113mins (av 4.43)
The schedule calls for 24km medium long run today and a tempo session on Thursday. After two rest days and eating a lot due to the lunar new year, legs were fresher and body felt full of pent-up energy (lots of crap !!). Decided to improvise by embedding the tempo within the medium long run. Adopted one of Daniels' workout, namely 30mins E, 20mins T, 30mins E, 20mins T. Splits were 30mins @ 5.11, 20mins @ 4.07, 30mins @ 4.58, 20mins @ 4.05, then finishing with couple of km easy. The tempo pace were a tad slower than I wanted to be, but it felt good to to complete the workout. Av HR for the tempo pieces were 164 bpm and 166 bpm respectively - which seemed low.

Wed 25-01-12
9 km recovery run in 50mins (av 5.32)
Easy run around home and the river.

Thu 26-01-12
18 km medium long run in 90mins with strides (av 5.00)
Short on sleep, so I was feeling zombie-esque. Ran the first 65mins averaging 5.10 min/km including 8 strides. Then ran the last 25mins at 4.30 min/km so that the run would be completed in 90mins.

Fri 27-01-12
10 km easy in 52mins (av 5.10)
Easy run along the river. Loved a windy day.

Sat 28-01-12
30 km in 147mins (av 4.54)
Long run done in progression style. Ran 5k segments at 5.30, 5.10, 4.55, 4.45 min/km then 6km at 4.15 pace. Finished with 3k+ cool down. Decided to test the water by doing some MP running after 20km. It was a grind, but I reckoned I could run a couple more ks, but decided not to dig too deep.

Total 91k in 7h31m (av 4.58)

21 January 2012

Week 4 of 12

Week 4 of 12, 55-70 miles modified program

Pfitz program: 21, 24, 8, 16 (5miles tempo), 8, 29 = 106 km
Actual: 15, 21, 9, 16 + 5, 7, 32 = 105 km

Four weeks have pased and I am beginning to feel some tiredness. Been struggling to wake up early in the morning, which caused me to shorten the 2 medium long runs on Mon & Tue (21, 24). Although at the end, I was able to catch up with the schedule by doing a double on Thu and adding a couple of ks on the weekend long run. Only one workout this week (a tempo), while the others are easy aerobic runs.

Next week is a recovery week, which comes at the right time for me. We are going away for the long weekend, so I'll only have about 5 running days next week. The program schedules 90-95 km next week, but I will be happy I can exceed 80k.

Mon 16-01-12
15 km easy moderate in 73mins (av 4.52)
Had very little sleep last night. A medium long run of 21km is scheduled, but I only had the time to do around 15 click. Ran the first 10k easy at 5.00-5.10 min/km (mostly on grass) including some pick-ups to wake up the legs. The ran the last 5k at around 4.30 pace for a total of 15k, which is 6km less than planned.

Tue 17-01-12
21 km medium long run in 103mins (av 4.55)
Had 24km in the program, but I didn't have a full 2-hour to run on a weekday. Ran 20mins segments @ 5.05, 5.00, 4.55, 4.50, and 4.45 min/km for a total of 21k at average pace of 4.55. Very tired.

Wed 18-01-12
9 km recovery run in 50mins (av 5.34)
Easy run around home and the river.

Thu 19-01-12
AM 16 km in 77mins with 35mins tempo (av 4.03)
Quite a warm, humid morning. Legs not too snappy from the recent increased mileage and training load. Happy to survive the tempo (albeit a short one) as my pace faded in the last 5-10mins due to tiredness. Av HR was 168 bpm with a high of 178 - a tad low, maybe because my legs couldn't run fast. Did 3k warm up and 4k cool down (very slow) for 16k total.

PM 25mins recovery run (av 5.23)
A short run to add some volume (make-up for Monday's shortfall), and hopefully flush the crap out of the system after thirs morning's tempo session.

Fri 20-01-12
7.4 km recovery run in 42mins (av 5.40)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 21-01-12
32 km in 155mins (av 4.50)
Ran from home, 2 loops of outer Botanic Gardens, Dempsey loop and a bit of riverside. Ran 30mins segments @ 5.15, 5.00, 4.45, 4.35, then 20mins of 4.25 min/km and last 15mins jogging. Would have liked to run the last 30mins at somewhere close to MP but legs, hammies, and glutes were burning. Running time excluded about 10mins of stoppages (toilet, drinks, stretching)

Total 105k in 8h45m (av 5.00)

14 January 2012

Week 3 of 12

Week 3 of 12, modified Pfitz 55-70 miles program

Pfitz program: 14, 22, 8, 19, 8, 27 (16k MP) = 99 km
Actual: 17, 22, 8, 10+6, 8, 27 (16k MP) = 98 km

A good week, as I pretty much met the scheduled mileage and wokout. Had a good 10mile MP run today, averaging 4.12 min/km - although it wasn't a continuous run as I had one brief break in the middle for a drink.Left ankle a bit sore afterwards, probably due to jarring. Might take it a bit easy for the next few days and run on grass.

A quarter of the program has gone (3 weeks out of 12) and still my chance of doing Seoul is 50-50. Probably will make a call in the next 3-4 weeks. By then, I would have a bout 6 weeks of solid training and a 12-13 mile MP session, which hopefully will become good reference points.

Next week's schedule (week 4) will become harder. In terms of structure, there will be a tempo run, 2 medium long runs - with distances rising to 21 and 24k, and 30k long run. The total mileage will hit 105 km, or about 5 miles lower than the expected peak (70 miles). The 2 medium long runs will also be a challenge in terms of getting up early and finding the time.

Mon 09-01-12
17 km medium long run with fartlek in 81mins (av 4.47)
Wanted a workout that is not too taxing so as not to be materially different to Pfitz's aerobic medium long run. Started with 5k easy, then went for a fartlek around Padang grass field. Did 2 sets of 5-4-3-2-1 mins with 2mins recovery between reps to make the session pretty much aerobically comfortable. The 'ON's were not fast - the 5-4-3 mins reps done at 4.00-4.15 min/km pace, while the 2 and 1 mins reps were at 3.55 and 3.45 pace respectively. Could really tell the difference of doing the workout on grass as the muscles and joints were less sore afterwards compared to doing in on concrete/bitumen.

Tue 10-01-12
22 km medium long run in 108mins (av 4.56)
Started the run at around 5am and did one loop of outer Botanic (Nasseem, Cluny), Dempsey loop and from/to home. Felt sleepy and sluggish for the first one hour or so. Ran the first 15k at 5.05 pace, then last 7k at 4.40-ish pace. Hamstring a bit tight.

Wed 11-01-12
8 km recovery run in 46mins (av 5.45)
Pace was slower than expected as my normal recovery pace is around 5.15-5.30. Had a sports massage in the afternoon.

Thu 12-01-12
A) 10 km easy in 50.40 (5.04); B) 6 km easy in 28.30 (4.45)
Supposed to be a 16-19 km medium long run, but was too knackered to wake up early. Split the session into a double - 10km easy in the morning, then 6 km at moderate pace, finishing with 4 * 20secs hill strides. Although, I am not hitting the scheduled session as a single, but I reckon I don't lose much in terms of training effect.

Fri 13-01-12
8 km recovery run in 44mins (av 5.32)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 14-01-12
27 km in 147mins with 16k MP tempo (av 4.12)
Second series of MP tempo - first was 8 miles done in tempo wave style a couple of weeks ago. Route was 2 loops of the Canal + 2 out & back Margaret/Dawson + 2 loops of the Canal. Ran the first 8k in 33.40 (av 4.13 min/km), then had very brief stop to take my water bottle and gel, and then completed the second 8k in 33.28 (av 4.11 min/km). Total tempo 16k in 67.08 with av pace of 4.12 min/km, av HR 165 bpm. I'd rate it as a hard controlled effort, not very hard, but I was working and was quite pleased when I finished. Did 5k wu and 6k wd for 27km for the day.

4.13/149, 4.12/157, 4.10/160, 4.14/160, 4.12/162, 4.13/164, 4.11/164, 4.14/166 = 33.40, av 160 bpm
< 60secs drink break
4.12/161, 4.13/168, 4.09/168, 4.10/169,4.14/170, 4.10/171, 4.11/173, 4.10/174 = 33.28, av 169 bpm

Total 98k (6 runs) in 8h8m (av 4.58)

08 January 2012

Week 2 of 12

Week 2 of 12, 55-70 miles program

Pfitz program: 19, 18, 8, 14 (4miles tempo), 8, 27 = 94 km
Actual: 9, 18, 7, 16 (30mins tempo), 8, 30 = 88 km

Missed one medium long run, therefore didn't hit the scheduled mileage. But I am okay with that as other sessions were accomplished. We had a bit of wind here throughout the week, and I really liked the cooling effect. Legs felt tired and tight, so it will be better to get a massage sooner than later.

Next week schedule (week 3) is similar to Week 1 with 2 medium long runs and MP long run in term sof structure. The differences are simply the increasing distance for the midweek long run (up to 22k) and MP run (10 miles at MP pace vs 8 miles in week 1) and overall mileage which rises to 99km per week (gulp)

Mon 02-01-12
9 km moderate with hill strides in 42mins (av 4.40)
The program calls for 19k, but only had the time to do half of that. Ran on the river path at moderate pace, finishing with 6 * 20secs hill strides

Tue 03-01-12
18 km medium long run in 86mins (av 4.49)
Ran in the afternoon (around 4pm) and found the weather wasn't too bad. I think I struggled more with humidity rather than heat. Ran the medium long run the Pfitz way, started at 5.00s, then 4.50s in the middle part, and about 4.35 pace in the last 5km.

Wed 04-01-12
7 km recovery run in 38mins (av 5.30)
A treadmill run in my condo's gym. Not sure about the machine's calibration, but my legs seem to enjoy the softer surface.

Thu 05-01-12
16 km in 75mins (av 4.44), including 30mins tempo (av 4.01)
Warmed up for 3km including some strides to The Canal. Pfitz 12 week plan schedules for 4 miles tempo, but I prefer to do a nice round number. I wasn't in tip top condition today, hence the effort was harder than anticipated. Ran pretty much at constant pace of 4.00 throughout. Tried to up the ante in the last k, but just didn’t have it. Av HR for the tempo was 168 bpm, with a high of 178. Warmed down for 5.5k including a bunch of strides.

Fri 06-01-12
8 km recovery run in 44mins (av 5.32)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 07-01-12
30 km long run in 2h27m (av 4.54)
Ran the first 15k at 5.00-5.10 pace, of which 12k was done on Padang grass field. Then ran the last 15k at 4.40 min/km pace along the Kallang basin path to the National Stadium and back. Felt tired.

Total 88k (6 runs) in 7h13m (av 4.56)

01 January 2012

Week 1 of 12

Week 1 of 12, 55-70 miles program
Pfitz program: 13, 18, 8, 18, 8, 24 (13 MP) = 89 km
Actual: 19, 8, 11, 17, 8, 26 (13 +/- MP) = 89 km

A good start to the program. Although, I didn't follow the program to the letter, but was able to balance trainign and life commitments. Didn't miss Pfitz trademark stuffs such as 2 medium long runs & a long run, and I managed to achieve the target mileage. Out of the 2 medium long runs scheduled, I only did one the Pfitz way (80-90% MP). For the other one, I incorporated some fartlek for variety. For the weekend long run, I modified the scheduled 13k @ MP to a 13k wave tempo (alternating 1ks at 4.00s and 4.30) to teach the body to get used to varying lactate levels (a straight MP tempo will be exposed to a constant lactate production).

Looking back at 2011, it was probably the most testing year for my running. No PBs, injuries, and a string of sub-par racing were the story of 2011. Surely for next year, the only way is up !

Happy New Year everyone!

Mon 26-12-11
19 km medium long run in 93mins (av 4.53)
Felt a bit rusty this morning and after 6k at easy effort, I wasn't feelin' better. Roads were empty on Boxing Day, so I just couldn’t resist doing a bit of quick stuff in order to rejuvenate myself :p Decided to sprinkle some fartlek with long recovery in order to make the workout aerobic - 4* 6mins with 3mins recovery in between. For the 6mins fartlek, I did it as follows: 3mins @ 4.05, 2mins @ 3.57, 1min @ 3.40-3.50 min/km. Warmed down for 5k to complete 19k of medium long run.

Tue 27-12-11
8 km recovery run in 43mins (av 5.27)
Easy run around home and the river.

Wed 28-12-11
11 km easy run in 54mins (av 4.54)
Didn't sleep well last night, hence I decided to defer the medium long run by a day. Ran in the quiet neighbourhood of One Tree Hill.

Thu 29-12-11
17 km medium long run in 85mins (av 4.59)
Ran from home to Padang and did around 8k on grass including 8*20secs strides. Picked it up to moderate pace (4.40) for the last 6k.

Fri 30-12-11
8 km recovery run in 43mins (av 5.22)
Easy run around home and the river.

Sat 31-12-11
26k long run in 2h04m, including 13k @ 4.15
Too lazy to drive to ECP, prefering to workout near home. Pfitz scheduled 13k @ MP, but I felt MP stuff is a bit too early to do at this juncture. Decided to do a wave tempo, alternating 1km at pace faster than MP and 1k slower than MP, in such a way that the total pace will average at MP. Ran out and back at Margaret Drive about 3 times and a bit. Splits (min per k, HR): 4.04/155, 428/161, 4.03/164, 4.24/162, 4.03/167, 4.26/165, 4.05/168, 4.43/163 (drink), 4.05/170, 4.29/169, 4.03/172, 4.29/171, 3.52/177. Total 13k in 55.15 (av 4.15 min/km) - av HR 166, high 180. Did 5k warm up and 8k cool down.

Total 89k (6 runs) in 7h23m (av 4.59)