05 December 2012


3.25.56 :(

Not a great timing, but since I was running through an injury and the fact the race was part of holiday, I guess have nothing to complain !!

Shin and calves were sore throughout the run and never dissipated, but the slow timing was definitely due to lack of training.

Only did a single (yes, ONE) run over 20km over the last 2 months, and I duly paid for it. Hit the wall after 30km as the body was not used to run beyond 2 hours and accustomed to the pounding.

Never treated the race seriously since I knew I’d run a slow timing anyway. Even made a 800km round trip to Miyajima on Saturday (the day before marathon !!).

Started at 3h:10-15m marathon pace, but pace slowed down dramatically in the second half, with a positive split of 15mins. This is my slowest marathon since 2004 and about 25mins slower than my last marathon 6 months ago.

0-5k 23.17
5-15k: 44.35
15-20k: 22.47
HM: 1:35:48
20-25k: 23.04
25-30k: 23.33
30-35k: 24:21 (started to feel it)
35-40k: 32.16 (ouch !!)
Last 2.2k: 12:02
2nd HM: 1:50:17 (a massive 15mins positive split)

My plan is to take a 2-3 weeks break off running and hopefully I will recover by then and able to resume training.