23 February 2008

Week 8 Base Training - Feeling Lousy

Felt really lousy for the whole week, both physically and mentally. Began to feel the effect of cumulative fatique from the recent increase in training. Also, work has been very busy and stressful.

It seems that I've paid the price for the lack of 'training specificity'. I've been running too much on the treadmill lately (including Monday to Friday this week) and this morning I planned to do a much needed long run (2 hours +) in the Botanic Gardens. And I really learned something valuable today. Since running on the treadmill uses slightly different muscles than running on the road, my hips muscles and joints got very sore when I ran on bitumen/concrete pavement. In addition, the humidity impact from running in an air-conditioned gym is very different to the real world and I was already soaked in sweat not long after I started . After around 40 minutes of running, I began to feel very unmotivated and stopped for 10 minutes to rest. Was seriously considering to walk or catch a bus home. However, the humidity improved to a more tolerable level, I managed to run back home.

The lack of long run puts a serious dent into my preparation for the KL Half Marathon on 30 March. In January, I only managed to do a single 24k run and this month, I was only able to do a single 26k sightseeing run with friends (lots of rest stops). Although, the HM is still a good 5 weeks away, but I really need to up the ante in the next three weeks. My aim is to do sub 90 (I've done it twice in Australia but never in Asia) but given my lack on long run, this goal looks a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, here is my daily training from last week. Lousy, right?


40:00 jogging @ 5:42 (grade 2%)

AM: 30:00 easy @ 5:22 (grade 3%)
PM: 30:00 easy @ 5:07)(grade 2%)

60:00 easy @ 5:06 (grade 1.5%)

Stamina Intervals: 4 x 1600m @ 4:10 min/km, 400m recovery
Total workout: 55:00 @ av 4:40 (grade 1.5%)

AM: 30:00 jogging @ 5:47
PM: 20:00 jogging @ 5:36


82:00 easy @ 5:08 (long run cut short)

Total: 68.0 km for the week @ av pace 5:12 min/km
Year to date mileage 532.0 km @ av pace 5:10 (av 66.5 km per week)


Epi said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Sling.

Much better to do the week as you did than push too hard and injure yourself.

Good luck this week!


Clown said...

Widi, as Epi mentioned don't be too hard on yourself, just as in a race you can have peaks and troughs in your program. Weather and other stresses can certainly impact on your motivation

I've been struggling a lot with the motivation recently, took it a bit easier for a couple of weeks and now feel great.

Lets hope the same happens for you and you'll be back on track in no time.