06 April 2008


Not a good week. I've been struggling with glutes discomfort and shin splint in recent weeks so I decided to rest a bit and have physio treatment. In addtion, I've lost some running motivation since the KL fiasco. Running in Singapore is so hard, my running performances went backwards. Just felt like I am losing the plot.

My 'training' for this week:

Mon 31/03: Deep Tissue Massage
Tue 1/04: 50mins easy (av pace 5:28) with work colleagues (incl Mt Faber climb)
Wed 2/04: 30mins easy (av 5:20) on treadmill
Thu 3/04: Aborted track session, could only do 4 laps tempo @ 4:02 pace before retiring due to shin discomfort and heat/humidity
Fri 4/04: Physio
Sat 5/04: rest
Sun 6/04: AM 50mins easy (av 5:28) on concrete, PM 40mins easy (av 5:08) + gym work

Total 38k for the week, Year-to-date mileage 905k (av 65k per week)

Have scheduled a couple more physio sessions next week. Will try to do at least one quality workout since I have a 5.6k race in 2 weeks time (JP Morgan Corporate Challenge).


Clown said...

Widi, all the best with the shins. A lot of my problems re shins and sore back of lower lower leg appear to be because of very tight calf, had some acupuncture which has freed it up a bit, deep tissue massage wasn't enough. May be worth looking at.

Have also just started using a product called plexall which I put on the legs before running and this seems to have helped.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and I feel for you. I am a runner as well (about the same age as you - I'm 39) and I began in 2004, too. My PB in the marathon is almost the same as yours - 3:16.

In terms of injuries, you are doing the right thing by getting physio and reducing mileage.

One thing that helped reduce my running injuries was to use the book Run Less, Run Faster (published by Runner's World) which outlines menus with less running and more cross-training. This has helped me reduce the injuries to my ankles and back.

Be good to yourself,

trailblazer777 said...

all the best with sorting the injuries. I'm a big fan of cross-training too.