22 June 2008

No Run


Woke up at 6am this morning and got quickly changed into my running gear that I had prepared the night before. Seconds after I stepped out of the house door, guess what....a torrential rain started coupled with thunders.

Waited at home and continually checked the weather website until 7am (race started at 8). Finally decided not to go.

I am not afraid to run in the rain. The issue was how I would get to the starting point. The race location in Punggol is far (for the local standard) from where I live. I don't have a car so I cannot drive to the race and wait in the car until the race starts. Train station is 15mins walk from my place, but it rained cat and dogs outside. Also, the race dosn't have any bag deposit so I can't bring spare clothing, umbrella/poncho, bags etc.

It is very frustrating given that I've tried to peak for this race. Did a hard race pace workout 10 days ago, a tempo run 7 days ago, a light interval session 5 days ago and the rest of the week were short, easy runs to peak.

This is an evidence that how races can be disruptive to training. If I don't do the race, probably I could do a quality session or a long run on Friday or Saturday. At the end, I ended up with a measly 45k for the week without doing any quality workout at all.

All in all, 2 months of quality training for 5k/10k and there were no results to show. The 10k two weeks ago had the distance wrong and today no 5k due to rain. Bugger.

There is no more 5K for this year. There are a couple of 10ks in the next few months but hopefully the course will be fast and distance will be accurate.


Ewen said...

Gee, that's disappointing. I can sympathise - the same thing happened with a 10,000 I'd planned to race last year.

It's probably not worth trying to be in peak shape (rested) for every race if you're racing year-round - as you say, too disruptive to the training. What do you think about tapering off for a series of races - say 4 in a month, then building back up again?

Clown said...

That really sucks Widi.

You've had some really good sessions going on, so just hang in there, continue what you're doing and it will be all the sweeter when you do a great time.