06 July 2008

Nothing much week

First off, congrats to my fellow bloggers who ran Perth & Gold Coast Marathons this morning !

As for me, nothing really exciting this week. Pretty much all easy running with a couple of 90mins easy runs. I was planning to do more mileage for endurance, but couldn't do so due to other life factors (wife was unwell, busy at work, heat etc).

Hopefully, next week will be a better week !

Mon - 45mins Light
Tue - 90mins Easy
Wed - 41mins Easy
Thu - AM 2 x 1k CV intervals then DNF due to heat, PM 30mins incl 25mins at HM pace
Fri - 35mins Light
Sat - off
Sun - 87mins Easy (HR 154 bpm)

Total 69k for the week, 1756k for the year


trailblazer777 said...

good to see you are keeping things ticking over. Sometimes, its a tough or mundane job keeping the family "ship" on a straight course through the oceans/seas of life...All the best with everything.

Clown said...

Hi Sling

Just thought I'd let you know that I'll be in Singas from 1 Aug - 4 Aug so hopefully can catch up then.


Ewen said...

I hope the past week has gone well.

Snowing on the hills near here, so no heat/humidity problems at all!

by7 said...

about socks...

you raise a very good question.
I also got mad to find a good sock for this ugly weather. I normally try every brand and model, at the search of real good one...
I did once the mistake to make a long run with cotton shoes (for running) in Summer and got a huge blister...
Anyway, in my drawer, I can rate as the best:
- Nike Elite Running: a bit too thick but they do not get impregnated of water and they fit the foot very well (they are specific L+R socks)
- best of the best: Mizuno or Asics "track and field". Those 5 fingers socks, very thin with antislip rubber insert. Not easy to find, pricey, but really good for racing

but I found that the best solution is to leave trainers at home and use light/intermediate shoes also for long run. My Gel Kayano get impregnated of water very soon and the midsole become a sponge. After 30 minutes it is like running on water and socks are adding their own water ....
bu when I wear the lightweight trainers (250gr) , water drains out much faster, the midsole stay firm and the shoes remains much drier. Coupled with good socks, are now my choice even for long runs...

i was planning to run in Seoul too!!!
thanks for alerting me of the deadline... i must hurry then

by7 said...


registration closed on 11 july !!!
i will try anyway, otherwise i am really an idiot to miss the entry after i planned the race for months