03 August 2008

So-so week

So-so week. Couldn't run as much as I wanted to, with two off days :(

Did a good tempo run at HM pace on Thursday then a medium long run with Rob who is in town. It was nice to catch up with hime again. His improvement was indeed impressive.

Ran over 330km for the month of July and just above 2000ks year to date.

Was planning to do a 8.4k race this morning in Botanic Gardens, but couldn't make it. There is a 20k race (Pearl Izumi series 2) next Sunday which I plan to run as marathon pace training run.

Mon (treadmill):
30mins Recovery Run (av 5:38)
Busy day. No time to run.

Tue (treadmill):
93mins Easy Run (av 5:11)
First 9k in a slow 49mins (av 5:25), second 9k in 44mins (av 4:55)

Wed (treadmill):
35mins Easy Run (av 5:20)
Another busy day. Three treadmill days in a row.

Thu (pavement):
10mins warm up
8k Tempo in 33:17 (av 4:10 min/km), HR 169
4 x ~80m hills (00:17)
Cool down (total workout 13.2k in 60mins, av 4:33 min/km)

Hot afternoon even at 5pm. Started at 4:20 pace but the pace got naturally faster. Was tempted to run 10k (~41-42 mins) but stopped after seeing the HR climbing above 180 after 30mins. Still, av HR of 169 and a high of 182 bpm are lower than the same 8k tempo run 6 weeks ago (33:08) when I was averaging 176 bpm.

Off. Felt a bit unwell from yesterdays tempo run in hot temperature.

Saturday (pavement):
107mins Long Easy Run (av 4:55)
Ran with Rob who is in town for the weekend. Started at sightseeing pace for the first 3k along the river to Singapore flyer. Then ran to Fort Canning and Botanical Garden at a decent clip (~4:50ish pace).


Total 65k for the week, 2047k for the year


by7 said...

what do you think of Hotel Ibis Seoul ?
I have been there before and it is a very reasonable hotel, with good restaurant and central location.
Seems only 2 Metro stops from the stadium

by7 said...

discard my previous message...
it seems in a different place..

from google Earth, close to start

but need to search more.
I see more troublesome to be there by 2pm for the race number pick-up. The flight from HK lands at 14.30...

Ewen said...

The tempo run was a positive sign.

Good luck on Sunday - even marathon pace in that heat/humidity will be testing.