19 October 2008

Week 6 of 8

105km in 6 days, 4 main workouts.

Mon (20 days left):
3k warm up
4k Moderate Tempo (av 4:15)
3 x 1600m with 3mins jog/rest
splits: 6:00, 6:07, 6:06 (av 3:48)
7k cool down
Total workout 18k in 1h:25m (av 4:45)

This is Tinman’s peaking workout for HM, which I used for the Army Half. Ran the short tempo at just under HM effort around the outer loop of Botanical Garden (slightly undulating). After arriving at the SMU track, the plan was to do 3x1600m at 10k effort (~3:55 min/km), but ended up averaging 3:48. Felt good that I even had to hold back in the last 100 meters to keep the splits down.

34mins Very Easy on t-mill, abs work

Wednesday (18 days left):
27k Easy Long Run in 2h:15m (av 5:00)

The plan was to do 2x10k MP as my last hard workout on Thursday, but due to work schedule, had to move it to Wednesday. This proved to be a wishful thinking because I haven’t recovered from the speed session 36 hours earlier and the 3x7k MP run 4 days ago. After 4k at MP, I decided that my legs were not fresh enough to do this workout. Instead, I converted the session into a long run which probably wasn’t a bad substitute. Weather was warm, so I had a number of stoppages along the way.

Massage, 30mins jogging

Friday (16 days left):
2.5k warm up
14k at MP effort (av 4:25)
2.7k cool down, 3 x 100m fast strides
Total workout 19.2k in 1h:29m (av 4:38)

A make-up session for Wednesday’s failed MP workout. Ran 1/3 of marathon distance without any drink stop in 61:45 (av 4:25). Av HR was 162 bpm, with a high of 165-170 after 12k. For comparison purposes, previous similar-type runs yielded av HR of 166-169 bpm (during 12 & 18k runs) from 3 months ago.

OFF. My 37th birthday (getting old…)

Sunday (14 days left):
2.5k warm up
26k Moderate Long Run (av 4:44)
1.5k cool down, 4 x 30secs light strides
Total workout 30k in 2h:23m (av 4:47)

Followed Brad Hudson's Marathon Plan level 2 schedule to do the last long run at MP + 20-30secs per mile. Took two Accelerage gels and 1.1 litre of water.

Summary of 6 weeks of marathon training:

Mileage: 94, 91, 105, 98, 115, 105 = av 101 kmpw (high-low-high method to reduce tiredness & burnout)
Long Runs (Easy): 32, 35, 35, 27, 30
Long Runs (Quality): 27 incl 21 MP intervals, 32 incl 28 MP intervals, 31 incl 21 MP intervals
Tempo/Intervals: 6 sessions, around 20-40mins of sub-MP running

For taper, the plan is to do 70-80k next week then 40-50k before marathon. No races in the last 2 months, with the last one back on 24 Aug, a 1:28 HM. Might do a 3200m race on Friday.

Do you think that I have done enough in 6 weeks?


Epi said...


Happy Birthday

Ewen said...

Happy birthday. By the way, 37 isn't old - neither is 51!

That was a good week. Your 1600 repeats is my race pace for one!

Yes, you've done enough to run a good marathon. Not sub-3. Something in the 3:05-3:10 range on a good day, with good pacing.

Clown said...

Happy birthday youngster.

I think the training has gone well, sub 3.10 is on the cards.

homo said...

Happy birthday, youngling!

Very nice progress, you will blast the field.

Hamburglar said...

Looks like a good solid block to me.

Rest up now.

by7 said...

to all those who predict 3h10':
all the workouts were done in Singapore ... so you must add at least 10"/km to factor the humidity/heat/sunshine
in Seoul is 20C cooler (at least) and dry...
I am confident on the sub-3 and the training block has been a good one.
My personal experience is that with such heat, it is impossible to sustain a long marathon training block ,,, you would burn out after 10/12 weeks...

Sling: did you receive something from Seoul ? I have only a confirmation e-mail back in July and nothing less.
Hope to be there, because the outlook today is very bleak for me..

by7 said...

thank you for the tip: write to ivroxt AT yahoo dot it

trailblazer777 said...

looking good. Long run stuff is well! covered now. The 1600's are quite impressive! Happy Birthday!
Go for the sub 3, and if it ends up being 3.10 don't be disappointed, thats my advice. Depends how much the singapore weather helps you as to how far under 3.15 is likely.