19 January 2009

Life as a Jogger

Not much running last week due to uncontrollable factors, both at home and work.

A measly total mileage of 97k in the last 6 weeks (16k av per week) since I sprained my ankle. It's really demoralizing mentally given I averaged around 90-100k weekly prior to the injury.

8-14 Dec: 0
15-21 Dec: 9
22-28 Dec: 0
29 Dec - 4 Jan: 27
5-11 Jan: 36
12-18 Jan: 25

I've cancelled a couple of races in Jan & Feb because of the slow recovery process and loss of fitness. It's so frustrating when something that you value a lot is taken out of you.

On a happier note, I received a cheque for 2nd placing at the treadmill endurance challenge. This brings my total winning for 2008 to $350 in cash + $400 in product vouchers.

As I started the year with a very low base, I just hope the only way for the rest of the year is up !

1 comment:

Ewen said...

Pro runner eh? Don't forget to declare it on your tax return.

I feel your frustration. The second half of the year can still be good. My suggestion is not to avoid racing when not fully fit. A hard (if slow) race is a good test of what needs to be done training-wise.