10 May 2009

Week 4 of 12

Did 97k in about 8 hours (av 4:56) during Week 4 of 12.

I scaled back training this week in order to let the body rest a bit and adapt after running 120k last week. Took one day off, had a massage, and only did 2 doubles days. Had the time to run more doubles, but decided against it and substituted them with non-running exercises instead (core, yoga, abs). Plan to bump the mileage again next week.

As mentioned last week, I planned to do a ‘spec test’ of 2 x 10k MP this week. However, the result wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Did the first 10k segment averaging 4:21 min/km and 164bpm (a high of 172, so it was pretty evenly paced effort). After 5mins break to refuel, I started the second segment and went through the 5k averaging 4:23 – a tad slower but HR was still stable at 165. My legs were heavy and I was thirsty at this point, and when I saw a vending machine, I decided to stop. The post-rain weather was cooling at 26c but awfully humid, so I lost a lot of body fluid. I wanted get a canned drink but the machine was broken. I then tried to resume the run; however I have lost the rhythm and motivation to continue.

Hence, it turned out to be a so-so workout. Unable to finish, but happy to see the HR pretty stable at 165 (30bpm < Max) for at least 1/3 of marathon distance. I feel that my body is currently not very efficient to run at MP effort. Having said that, with more favourable weather conditions (such as in Australia), probably I could do 20k at MP today without a break. With taper and fresh legs, perhaps it will add another 5k. Hence, I am still short by about 17k in terms of ‘ability to sustain MP for the marathon’. There are 8 weeks to go (6 weeks training + 2 weeks taper), hence I am hoping that all future training will improve my MP extend-ability by around 3k each week.

Mon (Rest):
OFF, massage

Tue (Threshold):
AM: 8 x 1k @ tempo effort, 4 x 200m
PM: 28mins Recovery (5:40)

Did 8x1k at threshold effort in lieu of continuous tempo. Thought that I could accumulate more volume doing it this way since a straight 20+ minutes will feel like a race effort in these conditions. Recovery was 1 minute walking. Splits: 4:02/158, 4:02/159, 4:01/162, 4:03/164, 3:57/167, 4:00/169, 3:55/171, 4:01/172. Felt good throughout, no straining, and I was tempted to make it 10 intervals, but didn't want to risk it.

Wed (Easy):
AM: 46mins Easy on treadmill (5:09)
PM: 37mins Easy on grass with 6 x 15sec strides (5:16)

Thu (Easy):
AM: 1h:35m Easy (4:59), around 150 bpm
PM: 1-hour Yoga

Tested a place that is often referred as Singapore’s best kept secrets for running – the old Bukit Brown (Brown Hill) Chinese cemetery. There is a 2.4k loop of walking path inside, nicely path with some undulations. Very green with lots of trees and more importantly, traffic free. Wow, this is just like a running trail found in national parks in Australia, except you will pass old tombstones and burials, most of them within a couple of meters from the walking path. However, I must admit that running alone and seeing these tombstones on a misty morning is a bit creepy.

Fri (Easy)
AM: 35mins Easy (5:00) with 4 x 10secs hill sprints
PM: Abs

Sat (Long Run with MP):
30k Long Run in 2h:22m (av 4:45) including abbreviated MP session

Consists of 2k warm up, 10+5 km at goal MP (4:23 pace), 13k cool down.

Sun (Recovery):
AM: Yoga
PM: 35mins Recovery on grass (5:15)

Total 97k for the week


homo said...

Possibly a tad uneventful but very solid week.

I feel somewhat guilty for having the perfect running conditions in Oz (and I am not talking about the cemetery!)

Hamburglar said...

Training well Sling man - keep it up. The 8 x 1k at T pace looks like a good session!

Clown said...

Good week Widi, keep up the km's over the next few weeks and you look on track to do a nice pb

Cemetery does sound pretty freaky


by7 said...

do not get fed up by the weather or poor performances...
just stick to your training plan and do the workouts... in Singapore's temperature obviously you can not perform them at all, but it is anyway money in the bank...
once you toe the start line in Oz, you will feel like flying...

Ewen said...

The cemetery sounds like a great venue. Laps aren't too bad if they're not too small. Beats a treadmill or traffic! Ed Whitlock used to do most of his running in the grounds of a cemetery.

Do you plan on trying any long runs with MP sections?