14 June 2009

Week 9 of 12

Did 110k in just over 9 hours (av 5:01 min/km) during Week 9 of 12

Was initially hoping for a hard training week, but it wasn’t meant to be. Mileage was good, but not the intensity nor quality. Had a massage early on Monday and the muscles were sore for the next 3 days. Consequently, I only managed to one so-so speed workout (normally I do two a week) and a weekend long run. In total, I had 5 slow/easy days this week.

Three weeks to go to GCM. Frankly, I am not sure whether I am in a better shape compared to my last marathon in Seoul. My average training paces are slower this year and I did less ‘long fast workouts’. Last year, I felt fresh and was able to do more intense quality workouts. While for the current training cycle; I’ve been hampered by groin problems and hot weather (one of the warmest on record). On a positive note, this year’s longer prep (4 weeks longer) is probably worth an extra 350-400 km in mileage (hopefully this will help!).

The plan for next week is to up the intensity since it will be virtually the last hard training week before I enter a 2-week taper. Plan to do 2 speed workouts (focusing on MP) during mid-week and 25-28km long run in the weekend.

Mon (Easy):
AM: 6k Recovery (av 5:30)
PM: Massage

Tue (Easy):
AM: 8k Recovery (av 5:36)
PM: 8k Easy (av 5:10), 4 strides

Too sore to do any workout after a painful massage yesterday.

Wed (Threshold):
AM: 19k (av 4:42) with 52mins worth of HM pace/MP work
PM: 5.5k Recovery (av 5:32)

Similar style to last week’s workout, alternating intervals at HM pace with recovery at MP. 3 sets of 1k HMP, 1k MP, 1k HMP, 1k MP with 2mins rest in between on the F1 track. Splits for the 4k sets: 17:12 (163 bpm), 17:12 (168 bpm), and 16:55 (170 bpm). Average pace was 4:08 for the HM segments, 4:25 for the recovery, and 4:17 min/km for the 12k total. I wanted to do another set but I was too stuffed from the warm weather.

Thu (Easy):
11k Recovery (av 5:19)

Fri (Easy):
AM: 9.5k Easy (av 4:58), 8 strides
PM: 20mins gym work

Sat (Long Run):
36k in 2h:50 (av 4:42 min/km)

Ran with Max again at East Coast Park. We started pretty early at 5:30am and didn’t see the mercury until near the end of the run - which was good for a change. After 3k warm up, ran 27k at 4:40 min/km or 3h:18m marathon pace (excluding a few brief drink breaks). After Max left, I planned to do 5k at goal MP to wrap up the long run. However, I was too tired by then, and only had energy to do 2 x 2k at goal MP (4:20 min/km) with a slow 1k jog in between. Including today’s run, total mileage for the last 7 days (Saturday to Sunday) was 130k.

Sun (Easy):
AM: 7k Recovery (av 5:26), 4 easy strides
PM: Yoga

Total 110k for the week


Epi said...

That's still a good long run - longest and fastest for quite a while?

Good luck with the last intensity week

trailblazer777 said...

nice long run! should set you up nicely, that and the mileage, still time to throw in some more intense stuff, looks like you had a a good training mate for the long run. cool. Probably find that in cooler conditions you can hit the intensity wanted much easier at Gold coast. go for it!

Clown said...

Sling, got to agree a nice long run and another good week.

Great to see that you have a training buddy that makes those long runs so much easier.

Ewen said...

Probably too late to change much now, but if you can nail some good sessions in the next 7-9 days you might be capable of something faster than Seoul.

Keep going, and don't overdo things.

homo said...

Crucially, you are putting in a consistent effort.

I agree with Ewen, don't overdo it, some focus on speed is what you need now.

kops21 said...

nice seeing you in ECP on Sat. You looks abit tense when i saw you, try to relax.