14 September 2009

Calf/Hip issues

Crap week.

I have been feeling jaded lately and this week the legs simply went missing in action. Haven’t taken a proper rest since April, preparing for Gold Coast, then Army Half and then the new training regime under Sean. To compound the issue, I am struggling with calf strain and hip problems.

The muscles are very tender around the calves and make legs felt ‘dead and heavy’. I think this might be the reason why I ran poorly in the last couple of months or so. After running a flat marathon in GC, my calves were shot and afterwards running has never been the same again. I had some good training sessions but also some poor ones where running became a chore as the calf strain made the legs heavy and accelerated fatigue.

The hip pain is also back. I struggled with sore hips 2-3 years ago, but generally I managed to avoid it in the last 12 months or so. Not sure the reason why they are back.

Due to a combination of the above, I only did around 40k this week (lowest mileage in 4-5 months) by virtue of a weekend long run (25k) and a couple of 30-35 minutes runs. Took two rest days and did two cross-training days (elliptical + core) for the remainder of the week.

Let’s hope next week will be better.


phreakshow said...

Hi Sling, this is max. Sorry to hear about the calf/hip issues. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Ewen said...

A light week won't hurt if it fixes things.

From an observers viewpoint, I'd say it's a combination of insufficient recovery straight after Gold Coast (3-4 weeks easy better?) and the new program (easy runs too quick). Anyway, good luck this week!