14 November 2009

Ok week

Attended a 3-day conference, hence running took a back seat this week. Most runs were short and easy since I had to fit them during the lunch time break. With the exception of one decent session and a long run, everything else was so-so.

Singapore now officially enters the monsoon/rainy season. I actually like the rainy season since the morning is normally very cool (24-25c), especially after an overnight’s rain.

Had a good 15-10-5 minutes session which have become my favorite of late. Did the workout in the morning, which led to faster pace and lower heart rate. Average pace were 3:59/164, 3:53/169, 3:45/172 versus a similar session done last week in the afternoon under rainy conditions with av paces of 4:00/168, 3:55/174, 3:49/176. Therefore, av HR during the intervals were 4bpm lower, but average paces were a couple of seconds faster, which is always a good sign. I think this is underpinned by the favorable weather conditions as well as the recently introduced moderate-paced long runs which gave that slightly extra endurance stimulus.

Three weeks to go to the SCSM 21k!

Anyway, training this week:

Monday: one hour easy including 5 long hill sprints, total 11k+ (av 5:00), 100 abs crunches, 2x15 lat pull, deltoid row, fly, rotary calf, leg curl, leg extension

Tuesday: 15mins warm up with strides, 15-10-5 minutes intervals with 4-3 mins walk/jog recovery, average pace: 3:59/164, 3:53/169, 3:45/172, 10mins cool down including 2x200m, total 12k+ (av 4:28 excl rests; pm 5k slow (av 5:40), Myrtle hip exercise

Wednesday: Felt crap after yesterday’s session, 50mins easy with stops here and there, total 9k+ (av 5:13)

Thursday: 4k up, 10 x ~200m hill, up in 55secs, down in 65sec down, 5x100m hill sprints, walk rec, 1 set of drills and strides (high skipping, high knees, butt kicks, carioca, bounding), 4k cool down, total 12k (av 5:03 excl breaks).

Friday: 35mins relaxed run on treadmill, 6k+ (av 5:25)

Saturday: Nice running on a great route (Rifles Range) in cool conditions (24c), first hour 5:00-4:50 pace, second hour 4:40 pace, finished up with 8 x 30secs on/90secs off and a couple ks cool down, total 32k (av 4:50 excl breaks)

Sunday: off

Total 89k for the week


Ewen said...

Yes Sling, I'd say a "double whammy" effect there. Better fitness and better weather. The AM runs definitely sound preferable - even though 24 isn't exactly cool!

trailblazer777 said...

Impressive efforts there on Tuesday with the 1k reps, and the 2hr 32k long run on Saturday! Looks like you are doing a lot of drills,weights, and other stuff to fine tune things, seems to be a mix that is working well for you. All the best in finding those AM sessions, i much prefer the AM stuff too especially as the Perth Summer clicks into gear...
Even though we dont have monsoons here, nothing like your rain...hope you can keep that excellent momentum you have there surging forward. way to go!