14 March 2010

The Flirt

Six days to go to Seoul…

Okie, last week was supposed to be a taper week. But due to the postponed long run from the previous weekend, I did a cumulative 88k+ over the last seven days. This is the first time I ever go to marathon race week with that kind of mileage. The planned time trial turned out to be a dud but it doesn't matter anymore now. The hard work was already done over the last couple of months and I have to trust my training.

Have been looking at my logs for Seoul and last year's prep for Gold Coast. Some stats below:

Mileage (excluding race week):
GC: 1060 in 11 weeks of prep, average 96
Seoul: 867 in 10 weeks, average 86
** GC prep had 200 more kms in the legs. Last year ran 7 days a week, this year only 6 days.
** Average training pace (all runs) about 5:00 during GC prep, this year average is 4:50-4:55

Long Runs:
GC: 9, average 30k
Seoul: 9, average 31k
** One different thing this year is less stoppages during my long runs. For example, carrying fuel belt resulting in 5mins stop during a 3-hour LSD. Last year took 2mins break every half an hour to drink.
** LSD paces are now about 5secs/km faster, but GC prep had more quality long runs at MP.

Medium Long Runs:
GC: 7, average 21k
Seoul: 9, average 20k
** This year more medium long runs, done on undulanting terrain. Also often ran last part of the long run at moderate pace (halfway between MP and easy, say around 4:45 for me)

MP long runs (part of long runs above):
GC: 3 times, between 15-26k, done in intervals form e.g. 6-5-4-3-2-1k or 30-25-20-15-10-5 mins @ MP
Seoul: 2 times, more continuous and in fast finish format e.g. 10k ez + 2x10k MP or 16k ez + 10k MP
** Less total MP work time but longer per session (10k per interval), the sessions are also done at the end of long runs (vs fresh legs)
** This year I ran the two MP sessions at 4:16-17 (hypothetical goal) versus 4:20s for GC

Both GC & Seoul prep had 7 interval sessions, covering 7k of fast work each session
** For GC, I used 1k or 1600 reps due to the mentality that longer intervals are better for marathon. Did them at 3:50s (around 10k pace), recovery 200-400m or standing rests
** Under SW, intervals vary between 5mins to as short as 30 secs. For 5mins stuff, I ran them at 3:50s, for 30-60secs at 3:30-40 pace
** Recovery is a short 1 minute for 3-5mins intervals, e.g. I ran a Yasso workout 8 x 800m in 3:00 each (3:45 pace) with 1min jog, or 5x5mins @ 3:50s pace, 1min jog

Tempos (both LT and MP):
GC: 8 sessions, average 36 mins of work each (included a couple of 40-60 mins tempo at MP)
Seoul: 8 sessions, average 32mins of work each (no MP tempo, all threshold stuff)
** Almost same format for LT sessions, either 3 x 10mins or continuous 20-25mins. But this year's pace is a few secs per km faster
** Longest continous tempo for GC 14k @ 4:24 (161 bpm HR), while for Seoul 15k @ 4:08 (169 bpm HR)

Race temperature and Results:
GC: 3:04:50, around 10c, calm, sunny
Seoul: ????, forecast 0c to 7c
** Temperature will be a challenge. Haven't raced in sub-0 or low 0 temperature since living in Perth. But anything is still better than running in Singapore (28c, 90% humidity)

Overall, I feel that I am in a better shape than last year's prep for Gold Coast, but is it enough for sub-3?. My best HM time is 87, doing 89 HM back to back sounds like a high risk proposition

But should I take the risk and test the water a bit? Should I flirt?

Anyway, training ths week

Mon (long):
28.6k long run in 135mins (av pace 4:46)
First 16k easy, then 10k @ 4:16 pace, 2k easy
Postponed run from the weekend

Tue (easy):
23mins on treadmill (av pace 5:45) + core

Wed (easy):
16k easy with strides in 80mins (av pace 5:03)

Thu (time trial):
6k in 23:18 (av 3:53)
Splits: 3:50, 3:50, 3;50, 3:52, 3:57, 4:00
3.5k wu, 3.5k cd
Total 13k
The plan was 8k TT, but legs were like lead. Felt sluggish, haven't recovered from 28k three days ago and 16k run 18 hours earlier
Decided to pull the plug after 6k, didn't want to go to the bottom of the well

Fri (rest):

Sat (threshold):
15mins @ 4:02, 4mins rec, 10mins @ 3:57, 3mins rec, 5mins @3:49
Total fast stuff 7.56k in 30:00 (av pace 3:58), including rec jogs 8.9k in 37:00 (av pace 4:10)
3k wu, 3k cd
Total 15k

Sun (easy):
12k easy in 60mins (av pace 5:02)

Total 88.6k for the week (second last week before the race)


Epi said...

Go Sling!!!!

It's all going to come down to the day.If things go right, you'll do it.

Clown said...

Go for gold, you'll never know unless you give it a go and you're there or thereabouts.

All the very best, let us know how you go and enjoy the holiday.

Hamburglar said...

Good luck sling runner. Will be very interested to see how you go.

Kris said...

Best of luck dear. If the things are going on well with you, then you can achieve the success. Its good to take part in a run.

Ewen said...

When you write it up like that, a definite chance of sub-3 (given good weather).

Not sure what Sean will advise, but I'd go for a very slight positive split - say 89:15 for the first half. You're probably in shape to race a good conditions half in 86 mins, so 89 is not a huge gamble.

by7 said...

best wishes !!
I am pretty sure you will do a good race !!

Mahesh Natarajan said...

So what happened?