25 April 2010

Not a good week

Not a good week.

Caught a flu virus mid-week and felt unwell. Was knackered on Friday, took 1/2 day MC and anti-biotic. Felt better by Saturday arvo.

Unfortunately the week didn't end there as I had a race to do on Sunday. I registered for this 13k trail race long time ago because I thought this would be a good workout for Gold Coast Marathon in July. As you all know, Gold Coast is off from my calendar this year and instead I did Seoul Marathon a month ago. Hence I was left with a race that I didn't really need to do. I tried to sell my slot in the local running forum at a steeply discounted price but nobody wanted it.

So, after two days of bed rests, I decided to do the race as a training run. Just took it easy all the way, walked the hill, chatted with a friend and finished in 67mins (av 5:10) pace. A pretty expensive outing for a training run !

Next week looks like a busy one at work with a possible business trip. Looking back, I reckoned that I was extremely lucky that I had about 2 months of uninterrupted training for Seoul. No sickness, no business trips, and work load was very light following the festive seasons (both year-end and Chinese new year in Feb) - all of which enabled me to train consistently. At my current shape, I think I would count myself lucky to run a 4:00 marathon !

If you guys follow this blog for the purpose to see me training, please look away now and check back 3 months before marathon date :p

Training this week:

Mon: 16k including 45mins @ 4:10
Tues: 40mins easy (av pace 5:26)
Wed: 40mins including 4x1min hills, 6x20sec hills (av 5:00)
Thu: 18k easy (av 4:57)
Fri: sick :(
Sat: sick :(
Sun: 16k incl F1 Nature Run 13k trail race in 1h07m (av 5:10 pace)

Total 66k for the week


trailblazer777 said...

still some solid efforts there, and you cant be at the top of your game always.
when you are sick or busy its about maintenance trying to avoid losing too much ground...youve done that extremely well for this week hope you get past that, and we see you firing on all cyclinders again soon...

Clown said...

Still a good week and a very solid session on Monday. Hope you're over your illness fully and will be back up and at it in full flight very soon

Ewen said...

Ouch! Expensive training run alright.

I'll check back at the next post - I'm sure you'll be doing useful training before then.