10 May 2010

Another blow

So after navigating a lengthy bouts of poor training, flu virus and sluggishness, I was hoping that things would be on the improve this week. Unfortunately, I was hit by another one...

The week started with a medicore interval session. Did a few 800s and only managed to do them in 3:05-3:10. Considering that during marathon training, I did 8x800m in 3:00 average with 60sec recovery, I should find the 800s in 3:05-3:10 to be easy but they were not. My 200s were also slow at around 44secs (3:40 pace), compared to my usual 40-42secs. I am not a speedster type but these are disappointing even according to my standards. I had a 5.6k race planned on Thursday so things were not looking good!

On Thursday, I participated in the 5.6k JP Morgan Challenge together with my work colleagues and 11,000 other runners from Singapore corporate world. Completed the race in 21:20 or about 19:00 5k pace. Considering my 5k PB was 18:45 and the fact that I am not training well at the moment, the results were not too shabby on the surface. However, after some reflections, I think I should have blasted my 5k PB easily considering that it was done 4 years ago and all my training paces are much faster now than back then. During this 4 year window, I have also slashed my marathon PB by 15 minutes but my 5k times remained the same even after doing a lot of interval training under SW. Hmm, even when my training sucks at the moment, I know that I should have been capable of better timing.

And now, the blow....On Friday, I was watching telly and was munching on this Asian snack (cuttlefish jerky) and sipped a glass of wine. As the jerky was probably processed using a lot of acidic stuff/chemicals and combined with the sourness of merlot, I had this acid flux in my body. For the whole weekend, I was suffering from frequent severe heartburn. Had difficulty in sleeping as lying down made it worse. Took me the whole 2 days to shake out the damn thing and even now, I still had the burnt here and there albeit at low levels.

I think I need to see a witch to remove me from the bad jinx and to un-needle the voodoo doll !!!

Above: Start area of JP Morgan Race in Singapore CBD
Below: That's me at the start, a guy in BP green tee & pink racer :)


Clown said...

Not having much luck there Sling, things can only get better.

Still think it was a solid effort on Thurs esp considering how you've been feeling. Def gives you something to work with and some really good results aren't that far away.

trailblazer777 said...

Well done on some sub 4 min per K racing action. Fantastic pictures. Sorry to hear about the weekend mishap, better racing and training days ahead, with a bit of persistence.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure u will get back your fitness once your body bounce back on track!

Ewen said...

That crowd looks like the City to Surf! Thank goodness for chip timing!

You're not going too badly. Maybe have a crack at that 5k PB as a track time trial one day.

As for the food poisoning - not fun!

Anonymous said...

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