01 July 2010

Short Week

Week 4 of 18 to Melbourne

An early blog since will be traveling to Indonesia for my brother's wedding, hence no running Fri-Sun.

Monday (easy):
40mins easy (av 5:05 min/km)

Tuesday (intervals):
15mins warm up to Labrador Park
12 x 400m (100m recovery)
Splits: 84.5 (29.9), 85.1 (30.9), 89.0 (29.8), 83.1 (31.3), 87.4 (31.6), 86.4 (34.2),
87.2 (34.9), 87.1 (32.1), 86.2 (34.3), 89.3 (34.5), 87.4 (31.9), 87.6 (34.2), then 200m in 42.0 to round up
20mins cool down
Total session 13.2k in 60:12 (av 4:40 min/km)

Ran on the flat road/path of Labrador Park. To reflect potential GPS over-measurement, I pressed the Garmin button at 405m (1% extra) for all the splits. Av time for the 400s were 86.70, with a total 5k worth of work in 18:03 (3:37 min/km). Including recovery jogs, the workout totalled 6.2k in 24:33 (av 3:57 min/km). Felt the legs and hearts burning in the last half as evidenced by longer time to cover the 100m jog.

Wednesday (easy):
40mins easy treadmill (av 5.25 min/km)

Thursday (long & threshold):
3k warm up
5k continuous tempo in 20:00 (av 4:00 min/km), at the Canal
10k easy (av 5:05)
4 x 1200m, 1min rest, at CCAB track
Splits: 4:45, 4:47, 4:46, 4:42 (av 3:58 min/km)
6k cool down
Total 29k in 2h:17m (av 4:45)

Because I will have total rest for the next 3 days, I decided to do a harder long run. The session is called Jack Daniel's spiced TLT sandwich, but I am not talking about Turkey-Lettuce-Tomato here. The TLT stands for tempo-long-tempo, and the original version has 10 miles long run sandwiched between 20minutes T-pace runs. I moderated it by reducing the easy filler run to 10k and doing the second tempo in 1200m batches. The latter was tough because I had 90minutes of running beforehand, hence I was pleased to complete the session. Had marathon-like cramps in the calves during cool down, decided to stop after 29k total.

Friday (rest):
OFF. In Jakarta

Saturday (rest):
OFF. Brother's wedding

Sunday (rest):

57.7k for the week with only 4 days of running. Despite the short week and lower mileage, the nice thing is that I still managed to do one good interval session and one long run. All things considered, I probably do not miss a lot. I realize that time flies really fast. I have passed 4 weeks out of 16 training weeks (+ 2 weeks taper), so about 75% of training time left. Happy with how the intervals and tempos are going, but the long runs are still on the short side (averaging 27k). Hopefully I can do at least half-a-dozen 30k+ runs in the next 10-12 weeks.

Next Sunday, I will be running the Timex 21k race. Ideally, I'd like to race a 5k/10k since I am currently in the Muscle/Speed Training phase. Moreover, I haven't done HM-specific training such as hard long runs or progression runs,which are actually in the next phase. However the beauty of doing the HM right now is that I can easily total 28-30k for the day with warm up/cool down. This means that I won't have to miss out on a long run. Timing wise, I will be happy with anything under 90 since my long runs are still too few at this stage.

Training to date (4 weeks)
Intervals: 16x300, 8x800, 5x1000, 12x400
Tempos: 9k continuous, 10k in batches, 4.4k trail race
Long runs: 27, 31, 24, 29k (with 40mins tempo)
Mileage: 81, 89, 88, 57 = average 79kper week


trailblazer777 said...

I like the TLT! The 1200's are very good. All the best with the 21.1k race!
Good check of where you are at, and hopefully the next time you do a Half or 10k you will be heaps improved on where you are at now...hope the wedding was good. going well...

Ewen said...

The 400 session was good - the pace of the 400s and under 4:00 ks total, including the jogs.

I remember doing that for half marathons too - makes it 'easy' to get in a long run, although sometimes the post-race ks can be hard. All the best.