20 March 2011

Didn't run much

Monday -- 3k warm up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 fartlek at the Canal loop - paces 4mins reps at 3.50 min/km with 90secs jog; 3mins reps at 3.45 with 90secs jog; 2mins reps at 3.40 with 1min jog; 1min reps at 3.37 and 3.27 (last one) with 1min jog - total 20mins of fast running averaging 3.45 pace, - 2k cool down. Total 13.2k in 62mins (av 4.42)

Tuesday -- ran with colleague in Bintan golf course, no watch, probably 8k in 45mins (av 5.40)

Wednesday -- Bintan, 6k in 30mins (av 5.00) - hang-over from last night

Thursday -- OFF, at work until 9pm :(

Friday -- 3k warm up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 6k tempo in 24.06 (av 4.01 pace), av HR 171 bpm; 3k cool down including 3 x 200m strides - wanted to do 8k tempo, felt shitty so stopped at 6k. Total 13k in 60mins (av 4:42)

Saturday -- 27k easy long run in 2:17 (av 5.05), didn't sleep much last night, struggled physically and mentally, time excluded 10mins of stoppages

Sunday -- OFF; Sling Jr's 2nd birthday

Week in Summary:

67k for the week versus a plan of 90k. Unfortunately, this week was interrupted with company trip to Bintan and lots of work-related stuff. Seriously, I reckon offsite team conference equals opportunity to get pissed at company expense ! Had a hangover and only managed to do a couple of short runs (30-40mins) over there. Missed my medium long run on Thursday, got stuck in meetings until 9pm.

Currently my training doesn't resemble marathon training at all! Weekly mileage so fare are 64, 80, 67 kms with long runs between 20-27k and medium long runs of 12-14k. Moreover, speed/tempo sessions are about 20-25mins long, certainly on the low side of things. Counting down. there are 13 weeks to go to Perth (or 15 weeks to GC). Hopefully there are enough time to put in a good block of marathon training, assuming I can find the balance between work and running!

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Ewen said...

Ooh. Not sure about this white text on black - and grey on black - my eyes are killing me trying to read that ;)

There are enough weeks - just have to get your act together soon.

P.S. Happy 2nd to Sling Jr.