12 March 2011

Easing into things

Monday -- 5k warm up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 5 x 1k intervals at approx 10k pace at the Canal loop, splits 3.50, 3.51, 3.50, 3.50, 3.49 (av 3:50) with 70 secs jog rest - HR for reps 2-5 average 178bpm with highest 187 in final rep; felt pretty controled the whole way, legs fresh after 2 off days - 2k cool down. Total 13k in 60+ (av 4.36)

Tuesday -- 8k easy in 42+ (av 5:18) treadmill

Wednesday -- 12k easy in 60+ (av 5.03) incl. 8 x 15-20secs hill sprints - lunch time run from office to Labrador and back, hot and muggy

Thursday --- 5k warm up, drills + 1k worth of strides/jog; 4 x 1.6k intervals at tempo pace at the Canal loop, splits: 6.28 (4.03 pace), 6.25 (4.01), 6.23 (3.59), 6.13 (3.53) - average pace 3.59 with 90secs jog rest - av HR for reps 2-4 177 bpm with highest 182 in final rep; legs a bit tired from yesterday, picked it up in last rep, damn humid - 3k cool down. Total 16k in 77+ (av 4.50)

Friday -- 6k recovery in 35 (av 5.45) treadmill

Saturday -- 25k long run in 121mins (av 4.50) - consisted of 18k easy in 90+ (5.02) on undulanting route, then 15mins at 4:23 pace, 2mins rest, 15mins at 4.12 pace (downhill) - cool morning for a change

Sunday -- OFF

Total 80k for the week

Week in Summary:

Still easing back into marathon training. Had a hard time re-familiarizing myself to get up early in the morning again, hence a couple of runs early in the week were on the short side. The two workouts this week were decent, but not too solid. I am upping the mileage by 20% this week (64 to 80), so trying to limit the hard stuff a bit. Happy to be able to squeeze in a dash of quality in 2 non-workout days - hill sprints during 1hr Wed run and 30mins near MP at the back end of Sat long run.

Next Mon-Wed I will be off to Bintan Island for team off-site conference, looking forward to run in a different route and take my office mates to go for some jogging while over there. Plan for next week is to do 80-90k and increase my long run to around 28k. Doin' everything one step at a time at the moment :)

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Ewen said...

Nice week Sling. Gradually getting there is the right way to do it. Enjoy the 'holiday'!