04 March 2011


Back from holidays and straight into the dreaded marathon cycle again !

I am currently keeping both Perth and Gold Coast options open. Although, Perth is presently looking more attractive due to 30% cheaper airfare (for a family of 3, the difference is pretty sizeable), 50% shorter travel time (cutting out driving time from Brisbane), and the benefit of doing local races as tune-ups (e.g. can choose between 25k race 5 weeks out or 21k race 4 weeks out versus 6-7 weeks out if opting for GC). Gold Coast, of course, offers better racing atmoshphere and (normally) calmer weather conditions, but in marathon, you'll never know.

Both races will open registrations in April, so I have a good one month to ponder and gauge my fitness.

For fall marathon, I've entered the ballot for Osaka Marathon on 30/10 and the result should be out in April. Will either do this or Melbourne (9/10) as a present (or self-torture !!) for my 40th birthday.

Training wise, I am re-familarizing myself with mileage and running frequency. I only averaged around 40-50k a week in the last 3 months since coming back from injury, so this week is all about taking little steps back into marathon training. Currently my workouts (Mon and Thu) are only 50mins long, my plan is to increase the length of these sessions gradually to around 60-75mins. Same thing goes for my medium long run and long runs which are only 70mins and 100mins long respectively. I am hoping to increase them gradually over the coming weeks.

Travelling to Jakarta in the weekend meaning only 5 days of running and doing a long run on weekdays before going to work. Therefore I am quite ok with the relatively low mileage and a slow start to the marathon cycle this week.

Mon: 55mins (av 4.35) incl. 6k Tempo in 24.18 - progressing from MP to 10k (km splits 4.17, 4.10, 4.05, 4.00, 3.55, 3.51)
Tue: 70mins easy (av 4.58), weights/core
Wed: 40mins recovery (av 5.30), abs/squats/med balls
Thu: 50mins (av 4:50) incl. strides workouts on grass - 6x300 + 6x100
Fri: 20k long easy run in 99mins (av 4.56)
Sat: off
Sun: off
Total 64k for the week


Epi said...

Remember that, all going well in Boston, Rob & I will be available to pace you to sub 3hr ( if you think it'll help)

Ewen said...

It won't take you long to get back into the swing of things. Marathons are a bit of pot-luck regarding the weather - look at Tokyo - good this year and terrible last year.

trailblazer777 said...

Perth, Gold Coast, Osaka, Melbourne. All sounds good. Great week of training. Good to see some momentum building...

Scott Brown said...

Let us know how you get on with "Osaka" Sling. Also I'm going to run the half in Perth on August 28th this year. Is that the same race festival that you are thinking of running the full in?

All the best with the marathon training.