08 May 2011

Week 7 of 13 Marathon Training

4k up including drills + strides
Fartlek, alternating 800m @ 110% MP and 400m @ 90% MP
3.04 (1.52 float), 3.04 (1.51), 3.07 (1.52), 3.06 (1.52), 3.06 (1.52), 3.41 (1000m to make total 7k)
Total 7k in 28.28 (av 4.04) - 800s at 3.50-3.53 pace (except last one at 3.41), float 400s at 3.40 pace
5k down
Total 16k 8n 78mins

Stayed at hospital ward Sunday night as Sling Jr had chest infection and very high fever. Didn't sleep much as we regularly monitored his condition and sponged him to cool down the body temperature. After a night in the ward, we went home on Monday afternoon. Didn't have the motivation to do a long session, decided to do a varied pace fartlek instead.

AM: blood test, flu jab
PM: 8k recovery in 45 (5.37), treadmill

7k moderate in 32+ (4.38) - tight on time, only had 30mins to run

10k progression in 45 (3k @ 4.55, 3k @ 4.35, 3k @ 4.15, 1k @ 4:00)
1k down. Total 11k in 50 (4.34)

Off. Busy at work

8k easy in 40 (5.00), Singapore river

Off. Doctor's appointment

Total 50k for the week

Week in Summary:

This week Sling Jr is sick with chest infection and high fever, so running took a backseat. Temperature was 38-41 for most days, so I helped my wife to take care of him and be on standby in case we had to go to ER. Also had to make a couple of trips to the doctor and laboratory. By the end of the week, he is not as feverish), but still coughing badly.

Perhaps a low mileage week is not too bad for me, given my legs were like lead in last couple of weeks and the quality of my workout also deteriorated. Six weeks to go, meaning there are only FOUR weeks left for training (2 weeks taper) !!

Not much time left :(

Despite the under-preparation, doing Perth (that's next month !!) is still on the cards because I need a race result in order to register for Boston 2012. My fall marathon is likely to be Osaka or Seoul, but they are a few weeks past the mid-Oct registration for Boston, so I need to find a race sometime between now and Oct. One good thing is that my BQ 2012 is now 3.20, but given the revised registration structure, I probably need a 3.10 and under so I can register on day 3.


Clown said...

Poor little fella, glad he's on the improve.

Doesn't hurt to have an easier week. BQ should be main goal achievable for Perth and then gives you enough time to then have a good crack at your fall marathon.

Ewen said...

Sorry to hear about Sling Jr being sick. Hope he's back to full health soon.

Agree with Clown re the easier week. Not long to go for Perth, but you should be able to get some solid training in that block if all goes well. 3:10 as a B goal will be a good challenge.