04 June 2011

Week 11 of 13

2 weeks left !!!

OFF. XT: 10mins weights + 25mins stationary bike + 10mins climber + 15mins elliptical

4k warm up, drills/strides
8 x 400m, 100m jog (Padang field)
85, 87, 86, 88, 88, 89, 90,88
4k cool down
Total 12k in 57+ (4.48)

6k easy in 31 (av 5.10), Keppel Marina 1k loop

3k warm up with strides
10k continuous tempo in 40.57 (av 4.06)
3k cool down
Total 16k in 74+ (4.40)

35mins recovery (5.45), treadmill

5k easy in 26.47 (5.22)
5k MP in 21.40 (4.20)
4k easy in 22:10 (5.32)
4k fartlek in 17.20 (4.20), alternating 500m @ 10k-HM, 200m jog
3k easy in 17.00 (5.40)
3k MP in 12.45 (4.15)
2k easy in 11.00 (5.30)
2k of 40secs strides, 80secs jog in 9.40 (5.50)
Total 28k in 2h18m (4.57), excluding a number of stoppages to rest the ankle from pounding


Total 68k for the week

Week in Summary:

The good: This week's low mileage seems to have alleviated my dead legs problems as evidenced by a good tempo on Thursday and a fartlek long run on Saturday. So I reckon there is no issue with overtraining or low iron since my motivation is still there.

The bad: The dreaded tendon-ankle joint injury is back !!!

Similar to the last year's injury which put me on the sidelines for a couple of months, the posterior tendon has spreaded its web of pain to my shins and ankle. I would say the tendon and shin splints issues are currently 'manageable' as the pain is not that severe. Have been icing twice a day, eating panadol, and poisoning myself with voltaren gel.

The ankle is the numero uno problemo right NOW. It is painful and sore and it continuously being jarred from the road pounding. The ankle is also very weak and has very little strength to toe-off. However, it is not as bad as last year where I couldn't run at all. Perhaps the early mitigative measures such as icing, anti inflamatories, and training reduction all help to de-celerate the process before it becomes a bigger scale injury. I just need to make sure that I will nurse it for the next 2 weeks.

I am only able to secure physio appointment next Thursday. I will be leaving the following Wednesday, hence I doubt I'll get any quick fix within such a short time span. As desperate measures, I am currently experimenting with Phiten titatinum tape in order to hold the muscle and relieve pain (hopefully it's not a hoax like power balance).

Given the unexpected injury I would be happy if I can run under 3.10. However, I might go out at 3 hour pace since I don't think going out at 3.10 pace is that motivating. I am just hoping like last year's Seoul Marathon, I only fade by a few minutes to finish in low 3s.

HOPEFULLY my ankle and posterior tibialis can hold up for 42k :(

Clown/Epi/TB - I will arrive in Perth on Wednesday and return on Monday, staying at Medina on Barrack. Perhaps we can meet up for a pasta dinner on Friday and/or a beer or two after the marathon. Also, I don't mind running a bit around the river on Thursday or Friday :)


Ewen said...

You mean 13 days 17 hours to go ;) Being onto the injury early and experience from last time will hopefully let you manage it to the marathon and through the 42.195k. Good tempo and long run.

Clown said...

Widi, hopefully you can manage that injury and keep it under control. Some nice running there.

Sounds good re dinner and should be able to catch up for a run, talk soon.

by7 said...

my humble suggestion:

- time is too short to hope that the injury could heal alone...
- diclofenac will not solve it, you just get intoxicated....

do not lose time, go to the Orthopedic and see if a cortisone shot could solve the situation. In 2 days you will be ok.

Epi said...

Hope things settle down Sling.

I'm happy to catch up for a dinner on the Friday night - let us know where you are staying and we'll work out somewhere - can always come and pick you up.