07 August 2011


Mon (1 Aug):
AM 9k easy with strides (av 5.30)
PM 6k (av 5.05) incl 5 x (60secs + 20secs hill repeats)

Tue (2 Aug):
6k easy treadmill (av 5.44)

Wed (3 Aug)
9k (4.50) including 3k tempo @ 4.03

Thu (4 Aug)
12k easy (5.20)

Fri (5 Aug)
6k easy (5.20)

Sat (6 Aug)
26k long run (5.02)

Total 74k for the week

Felt very lethargic for the whole week. For some reasons, my body is rejecting anything faster than easy pace. Tried to do a LT session on Wednesday, but only lasted 3k since I found the effort was too rough for a 'tempo' (couldn't believe that I was runing 40min+ 10k for continuous tempo not long ago). Paces for my easy runs also slowed to mid 5.00s as the body refused to run faster. I am not enjoying my running much at the moment.

The tendon injury is still there and I could feel the aching but it's not painful nor causing me any grief. However, I could feel new niggles here and there, such as in the glutes, groin, and hamstring. It seems my body has 'aged' rapidly in the last year or so. However, unlike a fine red wine, my body is getting worse and weaker with age.

If my training doesn't improve in the next couple of weeks, most likely I will abandon my plan to run Melbourne marathon and maybe just do a 1/2 instead. It is just so scary that I just recovered from injury, and then realized there is only 9 weeks before a marathon !!!! I don't think I will be able to give sufficient time for my body to absorb and to benefit from training in such a short time frame.

In the meantime, I need to continue to keep my head down and tough it out. Let's hope I can shake out the doldrum and have a better luck next week.

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