30 October 2011


Week of 10-16 Oct
Sun: Melbourne Marathon
Tue: 10k easy (5.12)
Fri: 10k easy (5.12)
Sat: 15k easy (4.52)
Total 35k

Week 17-23 Oct
Mon: 7k easy (5.28)
Wed: 11k fartlek (4.33)
Fri: 12k moderate (4.48)
Sat: 18k easy (5.15)
Total 48k

Week 24-30 Oct
Mon: 10k incl 12*400 (85-90), 1min walking rest
Wed: 16k (4.42) including 45mins tempo fartlek @ 4.20
Thu: 7k easy (5.27)
Fri: 6k easy (5.30)
Sun: 21k long (4.52)
Total 60k

Nothing much to report. As usual, post-marathon recovery is a bit slow for me. Legs were still quite weak, especially when doing long runs and climbing up hills. In addition, weather has been gettting very warm lately which made running conditions difficult.

Felt some pain in the ankle after the marathon, but after a couple of weeks, it went okay. However, I began to experience some soreness in the glutes this week, hopefully nothing major.

Next race is Singapore Marathon 42k in about 5 weeks from now. I actually registered for this race before signing-up for Melbourne. The original plan was to run it as long training run, but I kinda regretted it now. Have been struggling during long runs in last couple fo weeks. Legs were still not on their best shape, while the weather has been killing me. Will decide in next couple of weeks whether I will still do it as a training run or just bandit the 10k event.

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Ewen said...

That's a pretty normal sort of a marathon recovery - Speedygeoff goes by the 1 day 'easy' needed for each mile of the race, so 26 easy days after a marathon.

Pity you can't swap to the 10k like the Gold Coast offers. You could always race the first 10k of the marathon and drop out. I did that in Sydney once, keeping up with Tani Ruckle for 8k or so.