19 February 2012

Week 8 of 12

Week 8 of 12, 55-70 miles modified Pfitz program

Pfitz program: 14 (intervals), 24, 10, 13, 22 (race/time trial), 29= 113 km
Actual: 21, 17 (intervals), 10, 8, 14, 0, 37 = 108 km

It seems the cumulative training load has finally caught up with me. Legs haven been heavy and tight around the calves. Also, the lack of sleep day after day caused me to feel very tired and lethargic. This results is a a training week without much quality. In fact, I only ran a total of 4km at a pace faster than MP.

Pfitz plan calls for a short interval session midweek and then a 10-15k tune up race in the weekend. There is no road race available except an aquathlon and an urbanthlon. Alternatively, I could do a solo time trial, but given my conditions (heavy legs, tiredness), I wasn't in a position to do a good, meaningful TT anyway. I tried to get a masage this week to solve the legs issue, but he wasn't available. Therefore, the reason for a week without any 'intensity'.

The only plus point for the week is that a (close to) 3-hour long run was done and dusted. Since I canned the race/TT and my legs were not primed to do a workout, I decided to do the long run at steady pace. Did 32k over undulanting terrain at av 4.35 min/km or around 8-10% slower than goal MP. While this pace is not as hard as goal MP, but hopefully there will be some benefits in terms of 'fuel-burning mix' (carb/fat ratio), because the pace is closer to MP than a typical LSD pace where more fat is burned. With warm up and cool down, I totalled 37k in 2h52m (av 4.40)

Next week I will be traveling for work to Aceh for three days. Not sure if there are safe and suitable places to run there. So, maybe my mileage/training will be slightly derailed. The trip also means that I won’t be able to get in a mssage until later next week. My plan is to do a final long MP tempo next weekend, before entering 3-week taper.

Mon 13-02-12
21 km medium long run in 104mins (av 4.56)
Just didn't have enough time to run 24km as envisaged in the program. Still a bit tired from Saturday's long run. Ran the first 13k at 5.00-5.05 min/km, then last 8k between 4.40-4.50 min/km.

Tue 14-02-12
17 km with 5*800 in 82mins (av 4.52)
Warmed up 4km including strides to F1 track and ran 5*800m, with 90-110 secs jog in between. Splits: 2.58. 2.58. 2.58. 2.58. 2.57. Just realized that intervals have become a real chore for me now. In the past, my legs always felt good and I was up for doing track work, but with Pfitz program which is more endurance-based, I am struggling with speedier stuff. Did 7k easy cool down for 17km total.

Wed 15-02-12
10 km recovery run in 54mins (av 5.25)
Easy run on grass, plus return trip by bike to Padang field.

Thu 16-02-12
8.5 km recovery in 48mins (av 5.45)
Tired, heavy legs.

Fri 17-02-12
14.5 km easy in 76mins (av 5.15)
Sleep deprived. Very tired. I think I need to back off.

Sat 18-02-12
OFF. A good 8 hours sleep + 3 hours afternoon nap

Sun 19-02-12
37 km long run in 172mins (av 4.40)
Since I canned the race/TT and my legs were not primed to do a workout, I decided to do the long run at steady pace. Did 32k over undulanting terrain at av 4.35 min/km or around 8-10% slower than goal MP (or 3h13m marathon pace). Great weather for running. Route was Alexandra Canal-Margaret Drive-Ridout Tea Garden hill-Holland Road-twin hills of Nasseem Road-outer Botanic Garden via Cluny-Minden hill-Loewen-Orchard Boulevard-Elber Road hill-Clemenceau-River Valley Close hill-Nathan Road-Dempsey loop-Jervois, and back to the Canal. With 2k warm up and 3k cool down, total run was 37k in 2h52m (av 4.40 min/km), excluding about 10mins of drink/rest breaks.

Total 108k in 8h59m (av 4.59)
(last 8 weeks mileage 89, 88, 98, 105, 91,100, 109, 108 = avg 97.7)


Turbo Legs said...

Awesome going sling .. what do you carry for nutrition/hydration? and how?

Epi said...

Well done to push through Sling.

Loving your facebook training/eating log by the way!

Sling Runner said...


Presumably you were talking about hydration during today's long run? Well, I stashed a bottle of water in front of my place, then 1 bottle of sports drink about 2k into the run (the Canal). I had my first drink from the tap at 13k at CCAB track on Evans Rd. Then at 20km mark I passed my condo and picked up my water bottle. Then at 28k mark, I returned to the Canal and drank from my last bottle.

Ewen said...

Good idea to back off and have a rest day Saturday. The long run went well. I'd agree an excellent alternative to MP miles within a long run (to just go over MP by that %).

Sounds normal not to do intervals 'easy' when not doing them regularly - you've lost some FT fibre strength. I wouldn't say it's a negative though if the goal is a marathon.