12 August 2012


Spent the last 3 weeks building up mileage and workouts….

In general, training quality was slightly on the mediocre side. Energy levels were fluctuating and on some days, I just found it difficult to get up and run.

After foolishly super-sized myself during the off-season with a 8kg weight gain (overweight BMI zone), I had dropped 3.5kg in 4 weeks. Hence, I still have about 5kg to lose to get back to a more normal weight (or another 8kg if I want to have a runner’s weight).

Also had calf strain issues (soleus) which hampered the training. The good thing is that the pain started to dissipate after a couple of weeks thanks to a combo of anti-inflamatories and ‘the stick (to massage the calf)’. Dumping my lightweight shoes for a more cushioned, stability type also helped to resolve the issue.

The plan is to spend the next 3 weeks ramping up the training before starting Pfitz 12-weeks plan.

15 weeks to go. Hopefully we’ll see an improvement in fitness and workouts minus the pounds.

Week of 23-28 July
Mon - AM 13km(av 4.40) with 4 miles tempo (4.05); PM 5km easy (av 5.48)
Tue - 8km easy (no watch) + weights
Wed - 15km easy (av 5.03 min/km)
Thur - 9km easy (av 5.07) with 6*30secs hills
Fri - 8km easy (av 5.10)
Sat - 23km long run (av 4.57)
Sun - off
Total 81km for the week

Week of 29 Jul – 5 Aug
Mon - 10km easy (av 5:24) – calf strain
Tue - OFF. 30mins elliptical + weights
Wed - 10km easy (av 5.08)
Thu – 11km easy (av 4.58)
Fri – 10km with light fartlek (av 4.45)
Sat – off
Sun – 26km long run (av 4.50)
Total 67km for the week

Week of 6–12 Aug
Mon – 6km easy (av 5.14)
Tue – 12km incl 15mins @ 4.07, 10mins @ 4.04, 5mins @ 3.56
Wed – 9km easy (av 5.15)
Thu – 24km easy (av 5.05)
Fri – off
Sat – 12k easy (av 5.02) with 7*50secs hills
Sun – 22km (av 4.45) with 8miles progression (2miles @ 4.37, 4.27, 4.17, 4.07)
Total 85km for the week

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Ewen said...

That's a good build. Things are coming along nicely. Glad you got the calf issue sorted as I recall that's what has interrupted previous training.