06 November 2012


Too depressed to write any blog posts….

About 7 weeks out when I first had the shin splint/MTSS issues, I was still feeling optimistic. Perhaps 2-3 weeks of very light weeks would help me to recover and allow me to do some training for the last 4 weeks or so.

7 weeks became 6 weeks remaining, then 5 weeks remaining…and before I know it’s just 2 weeks to go before we go to Japan.

Have been averaging around 30 kmpw in last 5 weeks, with longest run being 20km.

Tried various things: physio visits, Vitamin I (ibuprofen), 4 sets of new shoes, 3 different shin sleeves, shoe insoles, taping etc…all to no avail.

Plan is to do Osaka Marathon as a glorified, long training run (ie a downgrade from sub-3 goal to a sub-4 survival mission). Not planning to do any more training, because I need to start recovery process now in order to have any chance of running Seoul in March.

On the positive side, looking forward to a cool temperature run, as well as 2 weeks of great holiday and eating marathon in Japan :)


Clown said...

Widi sorry to hear that there has been no real progress on the shins. As you know I suffered similar injury just recently and lost a lot of quantity and quality training but still managed a reasonable time so all is not lost- fingers crossed.

Try and stay positive and hopefully you'll be able to get in a couple of decent runs before Japan

Ewen said...

Didn't expect those dramas Sling. Hope you can enjoy the Japan trip and not do any further damage. Maybe stop buying Apple products ;)