19 October 2007

Ten More Things About Me

1) I am havin' a mid-life crisis...haven't broken any substantial running PBs for a long time...

2) I love racing various distances, week-in week-out, all year around. I think this is why I have become a CRAP racer !! Probably I can race much better with periodization and focus.

3) I loathe running in heavy-cushion shoes (urrghhh !). I normally use racing shoes for tempo/intervals workouts and light-weight trainers (Asics DS Trainer, Nike Free) for my long and general training runs.

4) I don't use HR monitor to dictate my running pace, bur rather as a data recorder .....

5) I love doing short-hill sprints, especially after tempo/intervals.

6) Due to the heat/humidity and lack of running areas in Singapore, unfortunately I need to resort to a 'dreadmill' more often than not. But....unfortunately I can't run at fast pace on a dreadmill....'coz I get a feeling that I might slip and fall off...

7) I am quiter...once I know that I can't rach my goals, I prefer to slack off or even DNF the race (Any advice for building mental toughness??)

8 ) I am a massive holly-cow sweater. I normally wear a headband.

9) I will try to do pool-running on my recovery days or as a second workout (it's nice to have a pool just outside my apartment).

10) I don't like running with underwear (the in-built undies are enough !)


Dave said...

Hi Sling runner, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Yeah we do seem to have fairly similar times, although your PB's are just a tad faster than mine.

Like you I have no idea as to how I will get withn cooee of these times up here, but I'll give it a crack!

I'm based in the Braddell Rd area but will seek to go exploring down the line, once I suss out all the local options.

angelica said...

hey dere!

welcome back to Singapore...

do drop by sgrunners.com for a batch of nice people to run with!


Tekko said...

Have you gone to MacRitchie Reservoir and Pierce Reservoir? Nice cool place to run esp the latter with nice slopes as well.

Tekko said...

The trail at MR are clearly marked out so you won't get lost. From MR you can also run to Pierce Res (very challenging route). You're interested, we can run together although you too fast for me. Will have to arrange for some friends to accompany you. You can also join some of the sgrunners runs.
By the way, Bedok Reservoir is another place with soft granite dust ground to run on.

Epi said...

Sorry I missed you leaving Perth.

Hope you come back for a race in Australia sometime soon!

Keep running


Ed said...

Are lightweight trainers like Nike free safe to wear immediately? I heard they need to take a while to get used to...?

Treadmills are too boring for me -- plus, singapore's gyms I hear are a big investment