24 January 2008

Week 4 Base Training - Treadmill Affair

This week I ran less than I wanted to and also failed to do a long run.

Had five sessions on the treadmill and two sessions on the road. Surprisingly, I have developed fondness to 'dreadmill' running (ouchh...). It is much cooler running indoors (vs. running outside) and the gym has a nice view overlooking Sentosa Island. I love to play around with the speed, for instance starting the run at a tortoise pace and then gradually increasing the speed by 0.1 km/h every 1-5 minutes (depending on that particular session's purpose). I also found that my leg turnover is faster on the treadmill. Even at an easy pace of 5:00, I already ran around 170 strides per minute, so at a faster pace - my stride rate should be in the 180s.

On Saturday, I participated in the social/fun run relay event organized by SG Runners (running messageboard). The team had 3 runners and each runner did 2 x 3k laps. I did both legs in 11:21 and 11:42 . I planned to run them at CV or 10k effort, but was sucked into chasing people in the first leg so I ran faster than I wanted to. After around 30 minutes of rest waiting for the 2nd and 3rd runner, I ran the second leg at a controlled effort and on-pace. Overall it was a good test for the legs, although I am not really sure whether it generated a significant physiology stimulus given there was a LONG rest period in between.

Next weekend will be a wash since we'll be in Bangkok to meet the in-laws. In light of this, I plan to squeeze in as many miles as I can on weekdays. Hopefully, I can reach 300km in January - frankly not a lot of mileage but since I haven't done more than 300kper month since last August - I guess I'll take it.

53:00 Easy (av 5:18 - treadmill)

2 x 4000m @ Steady (4:48, 4:37, 4:26, 4:17) + 1000m @ LT (4:00)
Total workout: 13k in 62:00 (av 4:47 - treadmill)

Off (business in Jakarta)

Morning - 35:00 Slow (av 5:31 - treadmill)
Evening - 20:00 Easy + 20:00 Moderate + 4 strides (av 4:58 - treadmill)

30:00 gym work + 30:00 jogging (av 5:40 - treadmill)

VO2Max: 2 x 3000m in 11:21/11:42 (av 3:50 min/km) as part of SGRunners Relay
Total workout: 12k (lots ot waiting time)


48:oo easy recovery (5:21)

Total 66.0 km for the week
Total time 5:34:30
Av pace 5:04 min/km
Year-to-date mileage 252.0 km (av 63.0 km per week)
Year-to-date av pace 5:09 min/km


speedygeoff said...

I am not sure I would like treadmill running but it sure would beat running outside, especially if a nice cool breeze were blowing into my face.

I ran a 10k race on Sentosa once.

trailblazer777 said...

some good running there.
Got to use what is working best for one at the time.
All the best with getting some K's in during the week.