17 February 2008

Week 7 Base Training - Mixed Week

A week with mixed results. Felt great early in the week despite doing 92k last week (highest week Since Sep 07). The CV intervals on grass were smooth and easy runs were really easy. However, fatique began to set in later in the week and things went downhill from there. Felt sluggish on Thursday and Friday and easy runs suddenly didn't feel too easy.

Went to KL for the weekend and there was a cross country race so I decided to jump in. This was one of the lead-up races for next month's KL Marathon hence lots of local fast runners turned up including a couple of Kenyans who are based in Malaysia. I was in the Junior Veteran Category (35-45) and according to the advertisement, the route was supposed to be 6.2k.

It turned out to be one of the least enjoyable race that I've ever done because it wasn't well organized. Firstly the distance was much longer than 6.2k and being a first timer without any clue about the route & obstacles, I thought that I took the wrong route. I didn't see anyone with the same colour bib (same age group category) until the last 500m. All the guys that I passed and ran with were the Open Category runners who ran 8.2k. At the end, the distance turned out to be 7.54k by Garmin and according to the locally-based runners who have run the same race last year. A second issue were narrow paths (fit one person only) hence it was difficult to pass people. Since we started at the same time with the kids, lots of them started walking not long after the gun which led to congestion. Thirdy, a couple of the grass hills were like walls and people had to crawl/climb and there were lots of steps as well. Finished the run in 34:33 in the 12th place for the Junior Veteran category. Slightly disappointed because I just missed out on the top 10 and the prizes.

Anyway, enought bitching! Here's my training for this week:

70:00 Easy @ 5:12 (treadmill 2%)

CV Intervals: 4 x 1k @ 10k pace, avg. 3:56 (grass)
Reps: 5 x 150m avg 30-31 secs

AM: Yoga
PM: 45:00 recovery @ 5:31 (treadmill 2%)

AM: Gym work
PM: 60:00 Easy/Moderate @ 4:53 (treadmill 1.5%)

49:00 recovery @ 5:27 (road)


FTAAA Cross Country Race, 7.5k in 34:33, 12th in 35-45 age group

Total 72.0k for the week @ av pace 5:08 min/km
Year-to-date mileage 464km @ av pace 5:10 (av 66.3km per week)


Epi said...

Nice week

The weather doesn't seem to be bothering you so much now - is it cooler or have you just acclimatised?

Sling Runner said...

Thanks Epi.

Honestly, I have yet to fully acclimatize with the local running conditions. Anyways, running in warm weather is always less performance conducive than in cooler weather. My training has also been boosted by lots of running on the treaddy.