16 August 2008

One week to AHM

One week to go before the Army Half. This week I did two quality sessions:
1) Tempo/Intervals Mixed Workout: 5k moderate tempo @ 4:20 min/km + 3 x 1600m @ 3:55
2) Long Run/Tempo Mixed Workout: 12k easy + 2 x 3200m @ 4:08 min/km + 7k easy

Next Sunday is the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2008, which is the second largest race in Singapore with over 20,000+ runners (gulp). I assume that the race will be crowded with runners at all levels (fast and slow) wanting to start at the front area, so there will be a BIG BOTTLENECK (ggrrrrr…..)

For a change, I am trying to closely follow Tinman's HM peaking program. The plan is only for the last two weeks and a couple of people have gotten success with it (including Moby from CR Oz). It puts emphasis on volume maintenance rather than intensity. In fact, normal mileage is maintained until the last three days before the event. The plan is below in miles:

Week minus 1 ==> T: 8 ez; W: 2ez + 3 tempo + 3 x 1600m CV + 2 ez; T: 8 slow; F: 8 ez, S: 10 ez + 4 MP; S: 5 slow
Race week ==> M: 8 slow; T: 3ez + 4 tempo + 2 ez; W: 5 slow; T: 7 ez; F: 4 ez; S: race

What I did differently from the plan was less warm up/cool down for Tues due to heat, shorter recovery runs Thurs & Sun, and a longer/harder long run on Saturday (HM reps instead of MP continuous).

I don't know what to expect for next Sunday's HM. Back in 2006 in Perth, I did two half marathons between 1:27-1:29 under a different training regime. My current tempo and intervals are faster & longer than back then, but my long runs now are only about 22k due to the tough running conditions (versus weekly 30ks previously). Moreover, my mileage for the first 8 months of the year is about 400km lower than 2006. Hence, endurance seems to be my weak link. On the flip side, I did a HM last December here in 92+mins, but training is heaps better and I am better acllimatized this time around. All in all, anything near 90mins is a decent outcome for me, I think….

Can anyone give me an idea on what pace should I run for the HM?

Mon (treadmill):
36mins Recovery Run (av 5:38)
15mins upper-body weights

Tue (treadmill):
1 hour Easy Run (av 5:05)
5mins stretching/core, 60 leg swings
First 20mins av 5:24, second 20mins av 5:04, last 20mins av 4:50

Wed (road/track):
10mins warm up
5k Moderate Tempo @ 4:20
5mins walk to the track
3 x 1600m CV Intervals, av 3:55 min/km, av 176 bpm, high 187
Splits: 6:14, 6:17, 6:15 with 400m jog (2:30)
Cool down (total workout 14k in 63mins, av 4:30 min/km)

Cloudy but bloody humid! To make things worse, legs were still tired from Sunday's 18k tempo run. The effort for moderate tempo run felt harder that it was supposed to be. After 5 mins walk, did 3 x 1600m CV intervals and I was toast after the second interval. Just didn't have a lot of power in the legs, Decided to hang tough and completed the 3rd interval amid some difficulty.

Thu (treadmill):
30mins Recovery Run (av 5:40)
80 sit-ups

Friday (treadmill):
1 hour Easy Run (av 5:10)
Felt good. First 30mins av 5:27, last 30mins av 4:55

Saturday (pavement/road/track):
1 hour Easy Run (av 4:59/145 bpm)
2 x 3200m Cruise Intervals av 4:08 (13:13/168, 13:09/177)
35mins Easy Run (av 5:00/160)
Total workout 26.2k in 2:05 (av 4:47 min/km)

Ran 12k from home to Dempsey Hill to Cluny Park Rd to MoE track, did the cruise intervals on the track, 10mins rest to rehydrate, then 7k easy back home. The aim of doing the intervals after one hour run is to get a feel how the last 1/3 of the HM is like. Felt pretty buggered during the second interval.

Sunday (pavement):
35mins Recovery Run (av 5:22)
94% relative humidity !!!!

Total 83k for the week, 2211k for the year


Epi said...

I'll go first, not that my pacing is anything to brag about.

I would think that if you aren't too constrained by the crowds, you should put yourself in line for an equal PB.

Run the first half in 4:07-4:08s, will give you 1:27:xx if you can maintain it, and this has been your tempo pace in the last two weeks.

I'd contend that tempo pace is HM pace (although some would see it a little faster than HM pace)

Good Luck either way, you are due for a good race.

Dave said...

You certainly are in good form and sub 90 should be on the cards. Try to relax in the first km or 2 and don't expend nervous energy weaving through the crowd, by about 2km it will have thinned out and you should be able to run freely.

Might see you there, although I'll be no where near you given my current training and condition!

Ewen said...

Yes, no harm in going out at PB pace - 4:06 to 4:08 kms. That shouldn't feel too difficult after all the speedwork you've been doing. Even pace if you can - I wouldn't go out at 4s.

I'll be interested to see how the taper works. I've found another taper plan that does a taper week the second-last week, then a fairly 'normal' week the last week before a race.

Clown said...

Def sub 1.30 on the cards.

All the best, hope you have a great race.


homo said...

I would have picked you at hovering somewhere between 4:10 to 4:15.
That takes into account your concern about the distance and particularly the conditions, both weather and the crowd.
20,000 is a lot of bodies to push around!
Good luck!

by7 said...


I join the idea that you should start at 4'10" sharp and see how the body feels after 10k (we know that a lot is depending on the actual weather).
Watch out for the fast girl from HK; she just run 38'30" for 10k in hot weather

by7 said...

for Seoul, I got recommended also for the Seoul Ramada, it is close to start. Other runners stayed there and liked it. Set you back around 130USD night