07 December 2008


Only lasted 1k this morning, and walked back.

Despite the spained ankle, I decided to give it a go anyway. Walking was fine and I could do the alphabet movement with the foot, so that gave me some hope. Jogging at 5:00-ish pace was okay and I arrived at the start point with a 45 minutes to go. Took a couple of advil (ibuprofen) thinking that the pain would stay away.

Weather was very cool & breezy for Singapore standard, so very conducive for fast time. Unfortunately, my right ankle didn't co-operate and after 200m downhill start, I knew that I was gone. I virtually was limping and my running form was awkward because I could only run with one leg. I I tried to hang in for a while and passed the 1k marker in 3:55. But I knew that I couldn't run for another 9k with one fit ankle.

Not a great way to finish the season. Hopefully, I won't be sidelined for too long.

Guys, any tips for sprained ankle? Should I go to a doctor and will it self-heal? The pain is right at the 'ball' in the ankle area.


Epi said...

Sorry to hear that Sling.

In terms of the ankle,given you were able to bear weight on it immediately after the injury, you are very unlikely to have fractured it. Having said that - is the tenderness mainly over the bone itself or more beyond it. Have a look at the Ottawa ankle rules about when to XRay an ankle.

Initially you should ice and not walk or run on any uneven surfaces. A sprain will take anywhere from one to six weeks to settle. Physios can give you some exercises to strngthen the ankle and reduce the chance of re-injuring (proprioception exercises) having said that, I'd give it a few days of rest and ice first to see how it settles.

You'll get that PB sometime

Ewen said...

That's disappointing! Not much more I can ad to what Epi has said. I've had a few bad sprains, and simple rest for a week or so has been enough to cure them.

trailblazer777 said...

Sounds like very good advice from Epi. Just don't go around walking on it for a 100k's a week like I had to in order to keep paying the rent. Plus be very wary of reinjuring it on uneven ground, I think thats what I have been doing a lot of in recent times. Maybe do the opposite to me and you will heal up quick Hahaha. Seriously though I can relate to that feeling, exactly how I felt in Melbourne this year. All the best with getting it right, evaluate the year, work out the goals for next year...Hopefully you can build on the the progress made this year. All the best with whats ahead.

Clown said...

Hi Widi, bad luck mate, I hope it improves soon. Epi is the man to tell you what needs to be done.

I've attached a link to a website I've found useful before.



by7 said...

a real pity,
because the weather was actually quite pleasant and decent enough to run a good 10k
now take a rest until the pain is gone