06 December 2008

Sprained Ankle :(

Damn ! Only a couple of days before the 10K, I sprained my ankle. :(

Near my home, there is a big constuction (7 towers apartment complex) work going on, so there are lots of cracked pavement, sand, building materials etc. On Friday, I slipped and landed awkwardly. Foolishly, I ignored the problem and continued the run (10k), even doing 400m at race pace and 6 x 100m strides.

When I arrived at the office, I began to feel the pain badly and I was hobbling all day. At home, I iced the ankle right away and applied some voltaren. I also elevated my lower leg and put an ankle band during the sleep.

This morning, the problem still persisted. I decided to go for a short run to test the ankle. For the first 5 minutes, the pain was excruciating and virtually I was limping. After around 10 minutes, it began to go away gradually. I did a couple of 15 secs strides at the end and I could feel the pain again (greater push-off and landing shock at fast speed).

So I am not really sure whether I can run tomorrow (i can definitely jog to finish). I will continue the RICE treatment whole day today and lets pray !


Epi said...

That sucks!

Is the 10k entirely on a flat, even surface? If not, I wouldn't even consider doing it.

Good luck with the recovery, hope you get out there!

trailblazer777 said...

sorry to hear about that, sounds very familiar to me that scenario. Its a real kick in the guts when you are all primed for a big race, and you miss out on the opportunity due to last minute injury at the eleventh hour. keep up the RICE and maybe move to RICER.