25 January 2009

Can't stand the withdrawal syndrome

I really can't take the withdrawal syndrome anymore....

Seven weeks and counting, my ankle is still about 70-80% good. Decided to ditch the physio. Decided to train on dodgy ankle like normal training but at reduced mileage.

My observations after this week's training is as follows:

1) My 'quality pace' has dropped by 15secs per km. Prior to the injury, I ran my short tempo at 4:00 pace and short reps (400s) at <3:30.>

2) My running form sucks big time. Today I did a 60mins run (longest in 2 months) and had to stop a few times to rest and stretch. Quads were hurting, hips got really tight, and I over-pronated than usual. It seems that due to the long lay-off, I have missed the feeling of 'how to run'.

And, of course, ankle still hurts especialy after interval and long run.

M - 60mins Yoga, 30mins easy 5:21
T - 40mins including 5k tempo 4:14
W - 40mins easy 5:30
T - 8 x 400m av 1:29-1:30 (ankle hurts)
F - 60mins spinning class
S - 30mins easy 5:20
S - 60mins 'long run' 5:10

Total 48k for the week


trailblazer777 said...

All the best.. hope it comes good...for me its been 3 months now, and I have had some major improvement in the last 8 weeks, but it still lingers a bit...
good to keep things ticking over, but have to remember that healing needs to be a priority...

Ewen said...

Don't worry too much. It's only a temporary loss of form.

With the 400s, are they on a track? If so, running on an outer lane might help, or anti-clockwise.

If the pain's bearable, running through it might speed up the recovery. Take care though.