11 January 2009

Still struggling

Still struggling, both physically and aerobically.....

In the physical front, ankle is probably around 70%. It's okay for short slow runs, but still not ready for uptempo stuff. Did a 3k fartlek on Friday in the track, and the ankle was so painful that I had to walk for a cool down. Muscularly, I'm beginning to have some aching on the glutes and quads of the good (left) leg because it still has to carry the other leg.

On the aerobic side, I've built my runs to around 10k (longest run in 5 weeks) and the effort felt like a hard half marathon race. At the current rate of ankle recovery, probably I am still 3 weeks away before I can ramp up my long runs and mileage to around 90 minutes and 50k+ weekly respectively. After that, another 3-4 weeks to get back to my fitness level pre-setback.

Hence, in total I will lose around 12 weeks of training (quarter of a year) from the ankle sprain. Damn!

M: Yoga
T: 6k av 5:40 on treadmill
W: 9k av 5:28 on treadmill
T: off
F: 2k wu + 3k of 00:30 on/off in 13:12 av 4:24 (very painful ankle afterwards)
S: 6k av 5:06
S: 10k av 4:56 (effort felt like a half marathon race)
Total 36k for the week


Epi said...

Keep your spirits up Sling, you'll get there

What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger!

Clown said...

Hang in there buddy, at least things are on the improve and you may find recovery is quicker than expected.

The DreamRunner said...


stay strong and you will surely bounce back, what with your youth and strength in marathon terms.



Ewen said...

Keep plugging away and enjoy the improvements as they happen.

That 10k (4:56s) feeling like half race pace caught my eye. How up and down running can be. Anyway, you'll be back running better than ever and this episode will just serve as a reminder that if it happens again you can return to your best again!