30 March 2009

Race Status

Currently I am about 50:50 of doing a July marathon. 50% chance of not running one because I like to see how my training evolves first before registering. There are 13 weeks left before the marathon and most likely I'll make decision with 6-8 weeks to go before D-day.

Out of 50% chance of running, the choice betwen Perth and Gold Coast is probably around 50%-50%. I just realized I have some frequent flyer mileage which will be expiring soon and it's good enough for return flights to either Brisbane or Perth.

This week marks my first running week as a father. Have yet to fully adapt to irregular sleeping patterns. I am presently running once every 2-3 days. Would love to run more but that's the compromise that I agreed with my wife. Baby is doing well and he is a handsome young fella.

Will stay in Melbourne until mid-April then heads back to Singapore. Wife and baby will remain in Melbourne for a couple more months, hence I have the time & flexibility to prepare for the marathon (11 weeks to train).

Buoyed by Melbourne weather, my long run paces are about 10secs faster than Singapore, although the pace for speed sessions remains the same (only did one so far). Got an okay from my wife to register for a 14k race (Run for the Kids), but unfortunately they closed the registration two days early since they hit the maximum crowd limit.

Wed, 18 Mar: 26k @ 4:45. Good run, but tired at the end, never ran this far in 4 months
19-24 Mar: 6 days off (baby + hospital stays)
Wed, 25 Mar: 21k @ 5:00. Felt sluggish due to lack of sleep and fitness loss (only 2 runs in last 2 weeks)
Fri, 27 Mar: 11k @ 4:35. Fartlek session, 4k @ 3:55, 3 x 230m very steep hill (walk down)
Mon, 30 Mar: 27k @ 4:50. Long run on Koonung Trail, Yarra Trail, & Capital City Trail to Yarra Bend Park and back.


Ewen said...

July is soon, but you're coming from a decent base. It would be a good target to aim form.

Glad you're enjoying the less humid Melbourne weather - makes it much easier for the long runs.

Ewen said...

That's "aim for".