01 March 2009

Ran without a watch

Forgot to charge my Garmin 305, so I ran the Active Newton 10k race today without a watch.

Since I am 100% dependent (perhaps over-reliant) on my Garmin for pacing guidance in races & training, I was simply pace blind this morning. My aim was simply to run at a solid effort the whole way and not going to care about the timing. But gee, 'running by feel' in a race is really tough!

Finished in 40:30. Didn't struggle too much and I was never in the red zone. Probably could have been a bit faster if I had a watch and was able to time myself during the run. I am not sure about the actual distance, but talking to some of my friends who owned GPS or footpod, the distance ranged from 9.8-10.1k. Temperature was 26c with 95% humidity.

Overall, I am not disappointed with today's effort. Timing wise, it's a bit slow to my liking. But since it's still early in the season and the fact that I am still not 100% in tip-top shape (only six weeks of training since injury), I have no complaints.

Chatted with people from SGRunners forum, hence didn't bother to do cool down after the race. Anyway, my legs felt pretty good and didn't feel tight in the muscles at all. It was a very organized race and the course was probably 90% flat. Will try to come back to this race again next year, hopefully with a watch!

Mon (Recovery Day):
am: Yoga
pm: 30mins Easy on treadmill (5:28 pace)

Tuesday (Workout Day):
20mins wu, 3x1000m/2 mins jog (av 3:53 pace), 3x500m/500m jog (av 3:40 pace), 20mins cd
Ran on F1 track again. Splits for the 1000m were 3:53, 3:52, 3:52 and for the 500m were 1:49, 1:50, 1:49. Very humid morning at 25c, 97% humidity.

Wednesday (Recovery Day):
35mins Recovery (5:40 pace)
Felt unwell. Slight fever.

Thursday (Off):
Sick. I think the recent increase in training load finally caught up with me. Did 80k in last 7 days, including 3 speed workouts. Probably too soon for me.

Friday (Moderate Day):
50mins Fartlek (av 4:49 pace)
Decided to test the body and legs with a moderate intensitity workout. Did 20mins MP (4:21 pace), 4 x 15secs hill sprints, and 400m in 82 secs. Not feeling too great.

Saturday (Easy Day):
30mins Easy (5:23 pace)

Sunday (race):
am: 800m warm up (arrived a bit late), Active Newton 10k in 40:30, no cool down (chat with SGrunners)

pm: 35mins Recovery Run (5:45 pace)

Total 60k for the week

Monthly mileages:
Dec: 60k
Jan: 160k
Feb: 270k


Epi said...

Well done Sling,

Thats a really solid effort all things considered - give it a month and a cooler environment and you'll be back down near PB territory.

I was looking at your old blog on coolrunning and reckon that the form you had in 07 (training for 3:05 Canberra before things went bad) was similar to mine at present. A few solid monthes and you'll be back there.

trailblazer (sgrunners) said...

Good job for your 10km timing.For me,i still have lots of rooms for improvement to acheive a sub 40mins timing for 10km :P

But i guess running without a watch is really a bit strange if you are trying to achieve a certain timing :|

Guess i have to start working on my training program too :)

Clown said...

Nice effort Sling, you're well on your way. I can't imagine what it would be like not running with the Garmin, I'd struggle on a normal run, let alone in a race.

Ewen said...

That's not bad Sling. To be near 4 mins/km pace after your last couple of months is great.

I can do without a Garmin, but not a watch! I probably rely on it too much. Should just race people who are a little better than myself.

trailblazer777 said...

its hard without a watch...I'm a watch fiend for sure..I remember my old coach once saying stop looking at your watch and race!...good 10k all the same going well...whats this someone copying my nick!...

Anonymous said...

Just to off-topic a bit to address tbz777 here

*hello tbz777,this nick is pretty common but we still have a variation (i am using my intials instead) :P *

Well,i still need a watch too for pacing purpose instead :D So what other races will you be doing after Newton run? SubUrban run 2 weeks later? XD

Sling Runner said...

nws-tbz, I won't be doing Suburban becoz I'm going to Oz for a month. Next race probably saucony passion run.

puahhl said...

BTW, I read about the usefulness of a "Garmin 305", any suggestion where may we get the watch at reasonable price? how much does it cost now? Thanks all.

Sling Runner said...

Very useful becoz you know the exact pace you are running at. You can get it for $300 new or the new version 405 at around $500. I'm actually thinking to upgrade to 405 and might sell the 305. Let me know if you are keen.

Grellan said...

Not a bad 10k Sling. I was alway under the impression that I might run a faster race without my 305, although I never put that theory to the test. Perhaps it all depends on who, if any, you are pacing yourself off in the race. My best 10k, not that i've ran many, was without proper feedback on my time (unreliable timepiece)and I kept pushing myself until I caught my target at about the 9k mark.