05 July 2009

Gold Coast Marathon 2009

Net Time: 3:04:50

A PB by 7 minutes and beat BQ for my age group (35-40) by 11 minutes.

Firstly, training for the Week 12 of 12. As mentioned previosuly, I felt that I peaked at the right time judging how easy my workouts were in the last 2 weeks (signs of adaptations). I had to patiently control the pace and duration of the workouts (including a 5k race), just to make sure I didn't 'race' my training.

M: 5k Recovery (5:26)
T: 13.5k (av 4:45) including 50mins Progression of 10mins @ 5:20, 5:00, 4:40, 4:20, 4:08. Covered last 30mins at MP, last 20mins at sub-3 pace
W: jetlagged
T: 10.5k (av 4:45) including 3.5k MP + 6 strides
F: 7k Easy (5:02), 4 strides
S: 12mins jog (6:00 pace)
Total 38k pre-race

Now, the race report:

Arrived at GC airport around 4.30pm (would love to get there earlier but no choice since it was a mileage ticket). Took the shuttle bus and arrived at the hotel. Picked up the bib + chip from Max (thanks a bunch) and went to have a pasta dinner at Surfers Paradise. Tossed and turned at the bed and couldn't sleep until about 1am. Had a weird dream that I was running a marathon carrying a monile phone and at km 10, I received a call from work. Stopped and talked for a few minutes, feeling de-motivated to run and DNF'ed. I then woke up and the clock was showing 4:00 am. OK, it was just a dream and I hasn't started running yet !!

Continue to sleep until about 5:20am, took shower, ate breakfast and took the bus to the race location. Had a mini fiasco during the warm up. I wore a belt which carries race bib and gels and I lost 2 packs of gel during warm up ! Luckily, I brought a spare one and now had 3 pax for the race. Now, I had to re-think about my fueling strategy as I initially planned to take gels at 10, 17.5, 25, 30 and 35k. I decided to rely on sports drinks for the initial part and would take gels at km 17.5, 27.5 and 35k.

I also happened to make the right decision on race gear. Bought a cotton glove after dinner and decided to wear long sleeve top for the run. It was a chilly morning, sub 10 degree and a bit windy in some areas. The course itself was 'relatively' flat (it's not 99% flat as Perth). There were a few gentle undulations along the suburban area and a couple of bridges. Would say it's about 95% flat but some of the slopes could affect your legs, especially after running on a flat ground for a long time. I found that the road is very cambered.

I ran pretty much even split for the first 30k, passing the respective 10k splits in 43:29, 43:31, and 43:45. No stopping at all as I drank during the run. Km 30-40k was harder since I began to feel tired and as we passed Southport, there were a couple of bridges to overcome. During this period, I had to resort to a few seconds walk breaks at the drink stops just to give the legs some rests. My average pace began to slow down to around 4:30s but I continue to dig deep. During this hard patch, I thought about my 3-month old son and how he always smiles. This enpowered me to keep going for the last 2k depsite the heavy legs. I managed to minimize the damage, hanged on to the finish and passed the clock at just under 3:05

5k 21:37 10k: 21:43
15k 21:47 20k 21:45
First Half Marathon: 1:31:39
30k 43:44
35k 21:55 40k 22:27
last 2.2k: 9:49
Second Half Marathon: 1:33:11

Net Time: 3:04:50
Av HR: 165 bpm (high 177)
Overall placing: 194 put of 3711 (179 of 2561 male)
Age group placing: 44 of 495

1k splits: 4:20/149, 4:18/159, 4:19/162, 4:19/162, 4:21/161, 4:20/162, 4:24/161, 4:23/161, 4:20/162, 4:23/163, 4:19/164, 4:21/163, 4:23/163, 4:21/164, 4:19/165, 4:25/165, 4:20/165, 4:17/166, 4:22/165, 4:24/165, 4:19/166, 4:20/167, 4:22/166, 4:24/167, 4:18/167, 4:27/166, 4:21/167, 4:27/167, 4:22/167. 4:21/169, 4:22/168, 4:23/169, 4:26/167, 4:23/169, 4:27/170, 4:29/168, 4:24/171, 4:32/170, 4:29/170, 4:27/172, 4:37/172, 4:27/174, 48/178



homo said...

A very solid effort. The splits are even and quite obviously you were in control. Well done!

Hope you'll get to see more of your family - they're doing you good!!

Hamburglar said...

Awesome. Congrats. A monkey off your back. Sub 3 next year.

Clown said...

Fantastic effort and really well deserved, nice even splits. Congratulations.

Karl said...

looks like baby sling really motivated you to clear it at a nice timing =P You have my full respect for clearing gold coast nicely!

Epi said...

Thats just a great marathon Sling
(imagine what we could have run if you were here!!!)

Perfect preparation yielded a great result - well deserved

BFG said...

Congratulations on your new PB! Outstanding! Enjoyed reading your race report too.

kops21 said...

next time after 30km, dedicate one km to someone dear to you...sub 3 next round. Cool!

by7 said...

congratulations !!
now u got a demonstration that even if u feel crap in the heat of Singapore, the work pays out...

trailblazer777 said...

very impressive! BYU is very right...the hard work in the sauna of Singapore has paid off..incredibly even Half splits...
Only criticisms I can think of is maybe you could have finished off a little harder, HR's seem a bit low, so maybe you are capable of going even faster? and not sure about the amount of gels...Very well organised training and on race day. Way to go. I was motivated by my Wife and 2 year old son too on Sunday...Huge Congratulations on a very significant PB! Well done! All the best for the future.

Ewen said...

Fantastic result Sling. Sorry I missed you on the day - I was sitting in the stands watching the finish. You must have been hanging off the back of the Mona pack in the first half.

Great pacing and execution. Worth having a serious crack at sub-3 from there. Well done!