18 July 2009

Week 1 of 5 to AHM

Did 80k in over 6.5 hours (av 4:59) during Week 1 of 5 to Army Half

I took a more cautious approach to training this time. A general rule of thumb for marathon recovery is 26 days (one day for each mile raced). Although, legs felt fresh but I am pretty sure there are some microscopic muscles damages inside. I just didn’t want to repeat the same accident last year where I embarked a full-on training straight away after the marathon and a couple days before the 10k race, I damaged my ankle ligament and was injured for 2 months. While it was a freak accident, but I think weak and stressed ankle joints, tendons & connective tissues post-marathon (further stressed by subsequent heavy training) were also responsible.

This week’s training has been fairly easy with the exception of Saturday’s workout. I did a 1-hour progression run on Tuesday, which wasn’t that hard in terms of effort spent. On Saturday, I did a big workout consisting 10k easy + 5 x 2k at HM ‘effort’ to simulate a second half of HM race. I emphasize the word ‘effort’ because I don’t know my goal HM pace is. McMillan calculator predicts a 1:27 based on GC timing, but the latter was done on good running weather. The average pace of the 2ks turned out to be 4:07 min/km, but I am not sure whether I could run at this pace for 21k straight.

Mon (Off):
AM: 40mins Elliptical
PM: 1-hour Pilates

Tue (Workout):
16k run in 75mins (av 4:42) including 60mins Progression Run

Progression run with pace change every 10mins at 5:15, 5:00, 4:45, 4:30, 4:15, and 4:00s, covering last 30mins at sub-3 MP and last 20mins at 87mins HM pace. Finished with Hill Sprints of varying length: 2 x 20secs, 2 x 15secs, 2 x 10secs.

Wed (Easy):
6.5k Recovery (av 5:29), treadmill

Thu (Easy):
17k Easy in (av 5:00), out at 5:00-5:10, back in 4:50-5:00

Fri (Easy):
AM: 10.5k Easy (av 5:03) incl 4 laps of sprint the straights, jog the curves
PM: 1-hour Strength Training (abs, lunges, squats)

Sat (Workout):
24k run in 116mins (av 4:50) consisting of:
- 10k Easy (5:12)
- 5 x 2k at HM effort (av 4:07)
- 3k cool down (5:34)

The aim is to get a feel of how the second half of HM will be like. Ran 10k easy from home to East Coast Park as a warm up, then did 5 x 2k at HM effort. Splits: 8:16/168, 8:14/172, 8:14/175, 8:14/176, 8:04/181. Recovery was 2:00 jog + 00:30 standing rest to drink & stretch, except for the last one whereby I took a 3:00 standing rest to ensure I ran a bit quicker. A hard workout, but not awfully tough. Legs still lacking zip. Happy to see that HR hitting 180s since I haven’t been at this range during marathon training.

Sun (Easy):
6k Recovery (av 5:35)

Total 80k for the week


Ewen said...

I think the cautious approach is the right way to go - as you said, the legs can feel OK, but there can still be damage.

Pretty good week of training. 4:07s seems realistic, esp with a little more speed and off the back of a good marathon.

Clown said...

Widi, that's a good week and nice run Saturday.

Def think a 1.27 is achievable.

trailblazer777 said...

agree with ewen ease back into it, as you seem to have done...with some easy runs..
The saturday run (looks like 23k to me??) looks like a good one!