27 September 2009

On the ropes

Ran 87k for the week, consisting of 17k of running at Threshold or faster and 70k of very 'easy' running.

And what I meant with easy is in fact, really really easy, something like 5:00-6:30 min/km on my easy days. Coach's guideliene for easy runs is 5:00-5:20 but for some reasons I can't go any faster these days. My legs are tired all the time. I felt like a boxer leaning on the ropes in a boxing match. Just holding on to survive (running at slow paces), with an occasional counter punch when feeling strong (1 good run per week).

Did 1 full workout and 2 little sessions:

1) 9k hard + 10x100 hill: Coach is really old-skool and basically only uses two pace terms, namely either hard or easy. With such opaqueness, I just ran the pace that I feel is appropriate for that distance. Did the 9k in 36:55, average 4:06 (according to GPS); Struggling with side stitch in the second half. All in all, not a bad effort considering I did a 29k long run the day before (36 hours rest)

2) Thursday's program calls for 15-15-8 hard, but only managed to complete 15mins @ 4:02 pace due to heavy rain. I asked Coach whether I could repeat the same session the day after, but he said no and was against me making up session. I had to beg him to give him a short make-good session. The next day, I did a little workout of 2x8mins hard (4mins rec). I covered 2.1k in each of 8mins, pace about 3:50 min/km.

For some reasons, I am struggling to run under 3:50 pace in the last couple of months. Lactic acid always rise very quickly everytime I want to run faster. Bear in mind that intervals in the program are never shorter than 5 minutes and recovery never longer than 90secs. I think my brain probably takes a conscious decision to prevent me running any faster since the intervals are long and recovery are short.

Next week, I will be running my virgin 3000m track for over 35s. Honestly, I think I would be lucky to run under 11:45 since my fastest interval pace is only 3:50 min/km. Coach doesn't schedule any 3k-paced work in his program. I can see myself to be flooded with lactic acid due to the absence of short, fast intervals. But I don't really care since it is just a part of training and marathon is really what I am training for.

Still struggling with sore hips (I think it is pirofirmis). Have been using foam roller and tennis ball to work the ass. Found Myrtil exercise on internet and I shall give it a try.



Ewen said...

That's odd about struggling so much. Maybe you're overworking the anaerobic system on those interval sessions? Does Sean set a pace for the hard bits?

I'd have thought you're not going to get much faster than 5k/10k pace with the short recoveries. Those 800s that Ryan Hall did were at about his half marathon pace (although at altitude).

I think you'll go quicker than 11:45 - I'd say 11:15 or so if your legs aren't dead. Have fun!

Clown said...

It may just be getting used to the shorter recoveries which may take some time.

Good luck with the 3000m run.

Call out if you want some help re the piriformis, I've got a few exercises which may help.

trailblazer777 said...

Hey all the best sling! Maybe analyse your home and work environment and see if there is anything that has changed that you need to address that might be slowing things down. remember that you are trying to adjust to (a) a new baby (b) a coach and a new program...it takes time to get the right balance, and to work out what works and what doesnt.

All the best with the 3000m race, and the hips. Ive had trouble with hip soreness this year too a little.

When you are on the ropes, its time to hit back with everything, attack is the best form of defence.

MarathonMan said...

Are you getting enough calories before and after workouts?