11 October 2009

Under-performance (again)

Did the Melbourne Half Marathon 2009 today in 87:05.

A small PB - feeling slightly more disappointed than happy.

I failed to take advantage of a fine, calm Melbourne day (which is rare), a flat course, and a good field (164 runners finished ahead of moi)

Was hoping to run 85-86 - which I thought was doable given the conditions. Coach thinks that I had a good chance for 86:20 and asked me to go out at 4:05 pace. In the end, I averaged 4:05 according to Garmin. But as usual, Garmin always overshoot race distance, it measured 21.3 on a certified HM course. Actualy, the km markers were a bit disapointing for such a big run as some of them (especialy the so-called halfway point) were inaccurately placed. For future races, perhaps I should take into account GPS' typical 100-200m over-estimation (worth 20-40secs for my speed) into my pacing plan.

As mentioned previously, I pulled a hammy during last week's 3000m. Went to a physio (reputed to be the best sports physio in SG), but very disappointed with the visit. He used a deodorant roll-on to massage voltaren to my hammy which I could do by myself. He simply told me to rest and that was it. What a rip-off! Give me tennis ball and foam roller anytime!

On Friday, I did a 50mins run in Melbourne and the hammy was ok. Hence, I was in confident mood going into today's race. However, I aggravated the problem in a funny circumstance. With about 15mins before the start, I was still queueing at the port-a-loo. I (with a few other runners) decided to go to the Botanical Garden across the road from start point and ran hard up the hill to find a bush to pee. I pulled the hammy again during the uphill run and I knew that it wouldn't be an easy day.

In light of this, I ran very cautiously all the way to avoid the hammy blewing up. I didn't take any drink until the 13k mark because I didn't want to take a risk of stopping and resuming the run with pulled hamstring. In the second half, the hammy just got tighter and I also faded due to tiredness. Even in the last 1k, I didn't make any attempt to sprint pass people as I didn't want to risk sprinting on the slippery grass field inside MCG.

Average HR was 169 bpm - which I think is a bit on the low side. (my marathon HR from Gold Coast ws 165)

As expected, I had positive splits due to the tight hammy and fade. 5k splits: 20:10, 20:26, 20:36, 20:44 + 5:07, 10k splits 40:36, 41:20. Official Result: 87:05, Position 164, gender position 147, age group position 36

4:04/156, 3:59/166, 4:00/169, 4:03/167, 4:04/169, 4:06/168, 4:03/168, 4:05/169, 4:06/169, 4:06/168, 4:06/169, 4:05/169, 4:13/170, 4:06/171, 4:06/171, 4:10/171, 4:09/171, 4:03/171, 4:11/172, 4:11/175, 4:05/175, 1:02/179 (300m)

In the end, I managed a small PB for the Half Marathon. On the posive side, this is the first time in 3 years that I managed to get 2 PBs in one year.

Slightly disappointed as I felt that lack of self-belief is my weakness. I think I probably should have pushed the boundaries a bit today. McMillan predicts a 3:03:40 marathon based on today's timing, so I am still far from sub 3-hour shape.

Anyway, what's done is done.

Commiseration to Rob who pulled out at 12k due to injury. We had a few beers afterwards at the Young & Jacksons, and the yak pale ale was nice!


Epi said...

Congrats on the PB, despite not quite meeting expectations ( I certainly thought you had sub86 in you if injury free)

On the plus side, you've only had a coach for a few weeks and he's already bringing you PBs!

Barefoot-J said...

Slow and steady improvement is good, you are on the the right track to your goals. Besides, The difference between 86:20 and 87:05 is really small. Good job!

Clown said...

Great catching up yesterday. Congrats once again on the pb

Ewen said...

At least you made it to the finish, AND with a PB, so not too bad. Could have been a DNF if the hammy had gone. Maybe the low HR is from holding back a tad at times - bit hard to push to maximum over that distance is there's worry of injury.

trailblazer777 said...

Congratulations and Well done on the PB!
Especially good effort with a bad hammy, sounds like you had a lot in reserve, and you got it right by backing off and protecting things by the sounds...

I also had some hammy twinges at one stage, and I have some exercises from a sports Chiropractor which seemed to have helped me this year a lot on that...

Hope you get the injury sorted, and all the best for later. Disappointed I couldn't catch up afterwards, but I had no contact no for yourself, and hadn't heard from Clown...
All the best for the future! Hope the PB's keep flowing which they surely will if you keep persisting and you manage or fix that injury well.
Easy does it all the best!

Chye Tuan said...

hope your hammy is better now. i am a physio too, which is why i am pretty concerned when i hear the what the physio has done for you. There are a lot more to do besides giving you voltaren. anyway, i think by now you should be doing some hamstring and gluts strengthening exercises. take care!