18 October 2009

Very light week

Most likely I won't be running Seoul next March. For my next marathon, I really wanna have a good attempt at sub-3, rather than training specificaly and aiming for something like 3:02-3:03. Since Seoul is 5 months away, I think sub 3 will be a big stretch. In addition, Seoul is gonna be really cold (it was <0 in 2007) around that time.

Quite keen to run Gold Coast again in July. Weather is typically pretty good, 10c and calm. Good organization with pacing group led by Mona or Pat Carroll. Also we can combine with a family trip again to my wife's place in Melbourne. Don't mind running Perth if the timing is right.

This leaves a good 8 months to train. Not sure what Sean has in mind to fill that period. It could be base building or even focusing on shorter distances to increase overall speed. Will have an in-depth discussion after Singapore Half Marathon on Dec 6.

Training wise, this week is very light with three rest days to recover from last week HM. 51k total, mostly easy runs.

Next week will run the Nike Human Race 10k. No expectation on finishing time as my training was geared towards last week's HM. Have not been doing intervals for a month, as training in recent weeks mainly consisted of HM pace and lots of easy running.

Oh ya, I am 38 years old today. Hopefully I will be wiser and faster!


Epi said...

Happy Birthday Sling,

Keep enjoying your running

Clown said...

Happy birthday youngster. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place.

All the best for the 10k

trailblazer777 said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe a sub 38minute effort 10k beckons?
All the best with the plans for 2010, and the 10k race coming up.

jaaaaaaane said...

Happie birthday!! :) May the new year bring you everything that your heart desires!!

Ewen said...

Happy birthday Sling! 38 eh? You've got two years to ramp things up so you can hit the 40+ age-group in top form :)

Good choice with the GC marathon - prob the best Australian one besides Melbourne for a fast time. I'll be interested in Sean's plan for the next few months.