06 February 2010

No GCM this year

Week 3 of 9 to Seoul (gulp)

Will not be running Gold Coast this year as my brother's wedding is on the same weekend !

Hmm…so what's next then after Seoul? Melbourne in October looks attractive. Mostly flat course with some rises here and there. Good crowd and I am familiar with half of the route. October is also 6 to 7 months after Seoul which gives me ample of time to train for sub-3. However, the downside is the weather unpredictabilty, especially the wind (unlike Gold Coast which virtually guarantees calm, cool conditions almost everytime)

Perth City to Surf in late August provides me with 5 months to train, but sadly I am a dud at hills. Currently not interested in marathons elsewhere in the region.

If I run a decent time in Seoul, say under 3:10, I might be tempted to run WAMC Perth marathon in June. Traning wise, it is exactly 3 months after Seoul, which in theory should give me some post-marathon recovery time and a couple of months to continue building the foundations towards sub-3 goal. However, I hate the wind and pavement running. We shall see.

But of course, if I can miracoulously run a sub-3 in Seoul, I don't need to worry about these things anymore *lol*. It's a mission impossible as I don't have 10k/21k speed for sub-3 marathon. How I wish Captain Kirk can put a human transporter somewhere along the marathon course to timewarp me to the finish line !

Anyway, training this week:

Mon (interval):
4k warm up (5:22)
5 x 5 minutes, 1 minute jog in between
Pace per lap: 3:52, 3:53, 3:54, 3:54, 3:53, 3:45, accumulated 7.7k at average 3:52 min/km (with short breaks)
Including recovery jogs, the workout covered 8.6k in 35mins (av pace 4:03)
3k cool down with 2x200m fast (5:12)
Total session 16k

Tue (easy):
11.5k easy in 60mins, including 6 barefoot strides (av pace 5:15)
XT: lunges, squats, heel raises

Wed (long):
23k easy-moderate in 1h55m (av pace 4:55)
Based on pre/post run weights and drink consumed, my calculated sweat rate is 1.5 litre per hour !!

Thu (fartlek):
4.5k warm up (5:05)
12 x 60secs on, 30secs off
Averaged 3:30-3:40 min/km for the 1-minute ons
Including recovery jogs, the workout covered 4.4k (av pace 4:00)
3k cool down (5:30)
Total session 12k

Fri (off):
Rest day

Sat (long):
36k long run (22k @ 5:00 pace, 14k @ 4:48)
Excluding stops (drink, toilet), total running time 2h:56m (av pace 4:55)
Including stops (8mins total), total running time 3h:05m (av pace 5:08)

Sun (off):
Rest day

Total 99k in 5 runs

Week in summary:
Only ran 5 times this week as my father is in town. Nonetheless, a solid week with 2 workouts and 2 long runs. Monday's workout was great (at least for my standard), with almost 8k at 3:52 pace (translates to sub 31 8k or 38:40 10k pace). When I started with SW, I was whining about the short 1min recovery but now I feel it's not so bad. Did a 36k long run in the weekend, and surprisingly I found little problems in completing the distance. Consumed 1 litre water, 500ml sports drinks, and 1 gel for the whole 3 hours and felt good throughout the run. However, my ITB hurts afterwards, hopefully this goes away soon.

Last 3 weeks mileage have been 100, 99, and 99km. During the old times, I used to do 10-15mins shakeout run as a second run so that the total mileage rounds up to a nice number like 100k. Nowadays, I don't really care, even if I total 99.8k for the week. Makes me wonder if sub-3 marathon might be over-rated because it is just a nice, round number. Is there a difference in ability between runners who finish in 2:59:xx and 3:00:xx? I guess not. Perhaps if I never get sub-3 in my lifetime, then I should be as happy if I finish at 3:01 or 3:02 *lol*


Ewen said...

That's inconsiderate of your brother to have his wedding then!

I can recall GC being windy a couple of times I've been there. Sort of makes me think being in 2:55 shape is what you need to guarantee a sub-3. Melbourne has had good weather the past few years, but it could get a hot day.

I'd be happy to have run a 3:01 or 3:02, but exceedingly happy with a 2:59:XX :)

Clown said...

Another solid week, well done and things looking good for Seoul, nice long run.

I'm in a similar dilemna this year on the Marathon front, could do 4 but may only do 2, definites are Boston and Melb

trailblazer777 said...

Clown good to hear you are doing Melbourne again.

pity about the wedding, but if it brings you to Melbourne cool...Might even catch up this time...Im utterly obsessed with Melbourne now...have been for years, but even more so now...
Perth would be great too, but have to agree about the pavement...however the way things are going you might pull it off in Seoul, you are very close...
yeah its just a number but it sure sounds a whole lot better when people ask you whats the WR and you say 2.04 or whatever it is, and then you tell em your PB is 2.57 than if you tell em its 3.01...but yeah sometimes I wonder why I am doing this year after year...
I think having kids reminds you there is a whole lot more to life than running marathons ...maybe...perhaps...did I say that...:-)
the 36k , 23k and the 1k reps (especially with 1min rests!) are all awesome sessions, keep doing what you are doing, happy days likely ahead...
sub 3 hr aint the holy grail of the non-elite runner for nothing, but yeah its good to ask the question why sometimes...is it for the challenge , for the sense of accomplishment, somnething to tell the grandkids, to be a betterman/husband,father, employee/employer, to serve God better, to be all you can be, beat others, have a better quality of life, challenging and pushing yourself, inspiring others, encouraging others, life experiences many others dont get, seeing the leites in action close up, springboard to better goals, the potential reasons go on and on. I think PB is more important than sub 3, but sub3 is a much wanted goal amongst marathoners...