20 April 2010

Shout outs

A couple of quick shout-outs:

Congrats to Rob for the 3h.02m in Boston. What a great place to break your PB. Let's rock the 3-hour barrier together in Melbourne !!
And to Epi who finished in 3h01 coming out of knee surgey barely couple of months ago !

To SW - whose stable won the Australian national title for 5000m Men, as well as silver in 5000m Women

Also to Ronnie who got a big PB and BQ'ed in Nagano Marathon, Japan.

As for me, nothing much to shout about. Had a mediocre training week: 6 x 1k at 3:50 and 6k tempo on undulanting road at 4:10 - which were decent, but had a miserable long run. The muscles seem to lose their elasticity and stiffened a lot during long runs.

One month gone since Seoul and I think I am about 70-75% back. Hopefully things will pick up a notch this week.


Epi said...

Thanks Sling -

It was a great experience, beyond description!


Clown said...

Cheers sling.

Echo Epi's comments, unbelievable.

Bring on Melb

trailblazer777 said...

I like the countdown clock on your blog!
Some pics from the Commonwealth Games trials via link on Sugars blog...
injured Epi 3.01, Clown 3.02, Sling 3.03...
all in the space of one month...that 3hr barriers gotta go in Melbourne, although obviously Epi has already done it, but bring on Melbourne and hopefully a few more of us will have made it. If my body holds together I am planning to be there also and hopefully this! time going a lot closer to some serious low 3 action...
5 months to go, see you there.

Ewen said...

5 months, 18 days seems a long time to go!

I think your friends and others enjoyed some of the best conditions for many a year at Boston. 2:05:52 is an amazing time for that course.